The Doctor is IN: Astral Traveling with Haim Kenig, PhDj

The finest medico to ever brandish a neon daisy tote of surgical wax.
If you have ever suffered from boredom, impotency, lackluster or a desire to vote for Mitt Romney then this is your cure.  Haim will inject you with a syrup of sounds so swank your brandished blood will go straight to your ____.
*note*: Side effects include hot flashes, curling of toes, the urge to not vote at all, an adoration for Siamese cats, and a constant sashaying of hips from left to right.  Day of the Velvet Voice assumes no responsibility for anyone going tits up after ingesting this show.

Astral Traveling with Haim Kenig (and occasional special guests)
first Sunday of each month from 6:30 - 8 PM on KBOO, 90.7 Portland or streaming at
playing a range of under-heard 60s & 70s soul, funk, psych, latin, jazz, folk and more....primarily selected from original 45s

playlists are here:

wait for the doctor by Brianna

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