KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 28 January 2013

10:00PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Aquarius- The Lover of Life” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra
10:05PM Gandalf “I Watch the Moon” from Gandalf (1967) on Capitol
10:10PM The Owl Service “The Dorset Hanging Oak” from A Garland of Song (2008) on Southern
10:07PM Amazing Blondel “Willowood” from Evensong (1970) on Island Records
10:11PM In Gowan Ring “Limpid Brook” composed by B'eirth from The Folklore of the Moon volume 3- Flower Moon (2005) on Some Dark Holler/Hand Eye (

10:16PM Linda Perhacs “DELICIOUS” from Parallelograms (1971) on Kapp
10:21PM Silver Birch “Crazy Man Michael” composed by Traditional from Silver Birch (1973)
10:26PM Alessandra Belloni “Agur Iziarko” from Tarantata: Dance of the Ancient Spider (2009) on Sounds True courtesy of BFM Digital
10:31PM Thee, Stranded Horse “Swaying Eel” from Churning Strides (2007) on Talitres Records
10:42PM Sagram “Heavenly Feeling” from Pop Explosion Sitar Style! (1972) on Windmill
10:48PM Perry Leopold “Vespers” composed by Perry Leopold from Christian Lucifer (1973) on Gear Fab Records
10:55PM The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree “Coisceam Fada” from The Mildew Leaf (2003) on Deserted Village (

11:03PM Spirogyra “The Furthest Point” from Bells, Boots And Shambles ‎ (1973) on Polydor
11:12PM The Sun Also Rises “Tales of Jasmine and Suicide” from The Sun Also Rises (1970) on Qualiton - Saydisc
11:17PM Traveling Bell “Treasures and Griefs” from Scatter Ways (2008) on Secret Eye Records (

11:20PM Arborea “On to the Shore” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records
11:23PM Kitchen Cynics “Games for a Winter's Evening” from master of the fuzzy fadeout (2004) on Les Enfants Du Paradiddle (

11:27PM Witchcraft “The Alchemist (pt. 1/2/3)” from The Alchemist (2008) on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE
11:41PM Haymarket Square “Amapola” from Magic Lantern (1968) on Chaparral Records
11:51PM The Tree People “The Pineapple Song” from The Tree People (1979) on Tiliqua Records
11:55PM Birch Book “Zephyr through Willows” composed by B'eirth from Fortune & Folly (2007) on helmet room recordings (

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Put on your platforms, slip into some sequins and join us for a Drag revolution- a locally produced show featuring original music and choreography.
Date: Saturday January 26th and February 2nd
Time:  10pm – 12pm, doors at 9:30pm
Where: Columbian Theater, 1102 Marine Dr. Astoria, OR
Cover: $5 if in dressed in drag, $8 general admission

Photos of rehearsals and last Saturday's show by Jeff Daly:

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 14 January 2013

10:00PM Pete Seeger & Brother Kirk “The Ballad of Martin Luther King” from Pete Seeger & Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street (1974) on Childrens Records of America

10:04PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:08PM Esther Ofarim “A Taste Of Honey” from Esther Ofarim in New York With Bobby Scott & His Orchestra (1965) on Bureau

10:12PM Magna Carta “Mid Winter” from Magna Carta (1969) on Mercury

10:16PM Moth Masque “Moonhymn II” composed by Timothy Renner from Lost Songs and Moonhyms (2013) on Hand/Eye ( — From the MOTH MASQUE box set (3CDr + 1DVDr) Hand/Eye h/e056

10:20PM Sam Parry “My Farm” from If Sadness Could Sing (1972) on Argo

10:25PM Deena Webster “The Last Thing On My Mind” from Tuesday's Child (1968) on Parlophone

10:29PM Tir Na Nog “Time Is Like a Promise” from Tir Na Nôg (1971) on Tir Na Nog

10:34PM Emma Myldenberger “Colchiques” from VA - Folk and Rock (1978) on MS

10:38PM Stone Angel “These Trees They Grow So High” from East of the Sun (2000) on Kissing Spell (

10:43PM Mary Oliver “White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press

10:45PM Thorinshield “Prelude To A Postlude....” from Thorinshield (1968) on Philips

10:50PM The Fool “Voice On the Wind” from The Fool (1968) on Mercury

10:56PM Crooked Oak “Cold Hard Town” from From Little Acorns Grow (1976) on Folkland

10:59PM Mariee Sioux “Twin Song” from Gift for the End (2012) on Almost Musique

11:04PM I Am Oak “Firm Hands” composed by Thijs Kuijken from Ols Songd (2008) on self-released (

11:07PM Opo “The Frozen Out Gardeners” from 2 (1977) on Stoof

11:12PM Chimera “Sad Song For Winter” from Chimera (2002) on Tenth Planet

11:15PM Al Andaluz Project - Estampie & L'Ham de Foc “La Galana Y El Mar” from Deus Et Diabolus (2007) on Galileo Music Communication

11:20PM Affinity “United States Of Mind” from Affinity (1970) on Vertigo/Paramount

11:23PM Chettini and the Turkish Trio “Cobra Shake” from Oriental Soul (1972) on Riviera

11:28PM December's Children “Jane's Song (The Slow One)” from December's Children (1970) on Mainstream Records

11:31PM Pisces “If the Truth Be Known” from If the Truth Be Known (1971) on trailer

11:38PM Loudest Whisper “Cold Windws Blow” from Loudest Whisper 2 (1995) on Kissing Spell/ Erewhon

11:42PM Maffitt and Davies “Landscape Grown Cold” from The Rise And Fall Of Honesty (1968) on Capitol Records

11:46PM Carolanne Pegg “Winter People” from Carolanne (1973) on Transatlantic

11:51PM Feathers “January Thaw” from Flashing on Love (2006) on Unreleased

11:57PM Nick Castro “Winter's Chill” composed by Nick Castro from A Spy In the House of God (2004) on Records of Gauhd

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT