Congregation! Swaddle yourself in sound and get hep to this nativity scene: DotVV delivers on KBOO's ASTRAL TRAVELING this Sunday, Decembre 23rd at 6:30pm PT

Because they leave nothing but vibrations over my body, I shall leave you with the eloquent words of Haim, Magi of wax and wane, regarding my guest appearance on KBOO below.
DotVV shall most certainly come bearing audible gifts...a basket of lemons, frankincense and myrrh...and I bow at the opportunity to draw down the din and offer it to you.

Program:  Astral Traveling
Air date:  Sun, 12/23/2012 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Short Description:
Psychedelic/Acid Folk rapture with Haim and special guest Jessamyn Grace of KMUN Astoria!!

It is with the utmost excitement and anticipation that I announce a very special episode of Astral Traveling - airing Sunday, December 23rd from 6:30 to 8 PM. On this show I will be joined by none other than Jessamyn Grace, a wonderful friend and sorceress of radio in the form of Day Of The Velvet Voice, an acid folk show of the highest order which airs every other Monday from 10 to midnight on KMUN out of Astoria. She and her show have been a tremendous influence on me both in my personal listening habits and in my efforts as a dj/programmer, so it's about time I arranged for her to bless us all with her presence at KBOO! Be prepared for a very mind-expanding hour and a half, via plenty of late 60s to early 70s psychedelia/acid folk and perhaps a bit of chatter as well. I hope you can lend us your ears for this rare KBOO appearance from a most noteworthy Astorian....

Cheeers and thanks,

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 17 December 2012- Winter Solstice, Festivus, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Christmas... and all things Wintry

10:00PM Carol Batton “Intro: Winter” from Folk Is a Four Letter Word 2 (1970) on 13th Moon Recordings

10:02PM Anne Briggs “Fire and Wine” composed by Traditional from The Time Has Come (1971) on Columbia

10:05PM Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band “Watts Gradle Song” from Carols at Christmas (2007) on Park Records

10:09PM Tyrannosaurus Rex “The Throat of Winter” composed by Marc Bolan from Unicorn (1969) on Regal Zonophone

10:11PM Lindisfarne “WINTER SONG” from Nicely Out of Tune (1970) on elektra

10:16PM Jean Ritchie “Wintergrace” from Kentucky Christmas: Old and New (1994) on Greenhays

10:20PM Collie Ryan “Owl of Winter Fortnight” composed by Collie Ryan from Indian Harvest (1973) on Rainbow Recording

10:26PM T.S. Eliot “The Journey of the Magi” from MidWinter: A Celebration of the Folk Music and Traditions of Christmas and the Turning of the Year (2006) on Free Reed

10:27PM Midwinter “WINTER SONG” from The Waters of Sweet Sorrow (1973) on Kissing Spell (

10:31PM Faraway Folk “Cherry Tree Carol” from Seasonal Man (1975) on RA

10:35PM The Troll “Winter's Song” from Animated Music (1968) on smash

10:40PM Fotheringay “Winter Winds” from Fotheringay (1970) on A&M Records

10:43PM Saraband “WINTER SONG” from Close To It All (1973) on Folk Heritage

10:48PM Vashti Bunyan “Girl's Song In Winter (1964 Tape)” composed by Vashti Bunyan from Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967) (2007) on DiCristina

10:50PM Arthur “Wintertime” from Dreams And Images / Love Is The Revolution (1968) on LHI records

10:53PM Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band “The Coventry Carol” from A Tapestry of Carols (2005) on Saydisc

10:57PM Robin Williamson “Past Time with Good Company-Sommerset Wassail” from Winter's Turning (1992) on Flying Fish Records

11:02PM Magna Carta “Winter Poem; Winter Song” from Seasons (1970) on Vertigo

11:07PM Jethro Tull “Christmas Song” from This Was (1968) on Chrysalis

11:11PM Mediaeval Baebes “I Am Eve” composed by Mediaeval Baebes from Mistletoe & Wine (2003) on Nettwerk Records

11:16PM Rusalnaia “WINTER” from Rusalnaia (2008) on Camera Obscura

11:21PM Anne Hills and Shinobu Sato with Cindy Mangsen, Fred Campeau, Jim Craig, Stuart Rosenberg and Friends “Patapan” from On This Day Earth Shall Ring: Songs for Christmas (1992) on Flying Fish Records

11:24PM John Fahey “Medley: Hark, The Herald Angels Sing / O Come All Ye Faithful” from The New Possibility: John Fahey's Guitar Soli Christmas Album (1968) on Takoma

11:28PM Stone Breath “The Holly Crown” from Knotwork (2008) on Hand/Eye (

11:33PM Gandalf the Grey “The Christmas Song” from The Grey Wizard am I (1972) on Grey Wizard Music

11:34PM Madrigal “Christmas Lullaby” from Beneath The Greenwood Tree (1973) on Private

11:37PM Barbara Bell “Christmas Song” from All I Have (1975) on Tennessee

11:40PM Buffy Sainte-Marie “Winter Boy” from Little Wheel Spin and Spin (1966) on Vanguard Records

11:43PM Third Ear Band “Solstice Song” from Magic Music (2012) on Floating World

11:51PM :Of The Wand And The Moon: “Winter Solstice” from Sonnenheim (2005) on Heidrunar Myrkrunar

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 3 Decembre 2012 - Live set with SORIAH

10:00PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Sagittarius- The Versatile Daredevil” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:03PM Peter Stark “Raga For Bayleaf” from Mushroom Country (1976) on Montage Records

10:06PM Half Calf with Plexorjet “For the Dead in Space” from For the Dead In Space, Vol I (1997) on Secret Eye Records (

10:11PM Magic Carpet “FATHER TIME” from Magic Carpet (1969) on Magic Carpet

10:16PM Amps for Christ “Eyes That Shine” from Circuits (2012) on Water Wing Records (

10:20PM Jason Crest “Turquoise Tandem Cycle” from Collected Works (1968) on Wooden Hill (

10:24PM Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar “Flower Of Love” composed by Massimo Raschilla from Hava Narghile, Turkish Rock Music 1966 to 1975 (2001) on Bacchus Archives

10:27PM Selda Bagcan “Gesi Baglari” composed by Selda Bagcan from Turkulerimiz 1 (1971) on Majör Müzik

10:31PM A Hawk and a Hacksaw “The Water Under the Moon” from Darkness At Noon (2005) on The leaf label (

10:35PM The Sun Also Rises “Wizard Shep” from The Sun Also Rises (1970) on Qualiton - Saydisc

10:40PM Tickawinda “Old Pendal” from Rosemary Lane (1979) on Kissing Spell (

10:44PM Irolt “It Wite Wiif” from De Gudrun Sêge (1975) on Universe Productions

10:48PM Shirley Collins “Black-Eyed Susan” from The Power of the True Love Knot (1968) on Polydor

10:52PM Fuschia “Just Anyone” from Fuschia (1971) on Pegasus

10:56PM Pan & Regaliz “Today It Is Raining” from Pan & Regaliz (1971) on Dimension

Day of the Velvet Voice welcomes musical guest, sensory Shaman, and guardian of nature's spells SORIAH, a traditionally trained Tuvan throat singer capable of drawing the familial circle with ancient overtones...

өөрүп четтирери,  George, Lisa and Enrique.

For more info about SORIAH please visit:
For more info about Tuvan throat singing please visit:

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