KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 26 January 2015

10:00PM The Story “A Story to Tell” from Acrane Rising (2007) on Sunbeam
10:05PM Trader Horne “Morning Way” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama
10:08PM Colin Hare “new day” from March Hare (1971) on Runfast Records (

10:11PM Love “A House Is Not a Motel” from Forever Changes (1967) on Elektra Records
10:15PM Extradition “A Woman Song” from Hush (1971) on P-Vine Records
10:19PM Bijan Samandar “Ahooye Leyli (Leyli's Deer)” from Music Of Iran: The Tar, Vol. 2 (1971) on Lyrichord ‎
10:29PM Damon “Don't You Feel Me” composed by David Del Conte from Song of a Gypsy (1969) on Guerssen Records
10:32PM Tim Buckley “Song Slowly Song” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra
10:37PM I Am Oak “Birches” composed by Thijs Kuijken from Ols Songd (2008) on self-released
10:41PM Amber “White angel” from Pearls of Amber (1971) on Unknown
10:46PM Waterfall “Anniversary song” composed by Martyn Oram from The Flight of the Day (1997) on English Garden ‎
10:51PM Alessandra Belloni “Fimmene fimmene” from Tarantata: Dance of the Ancient Spider (2009) on Sounds True courtesy of BFM Digital
10:55PM Sarolta Zalatnay “Késő Esti Órán” from Sarolta Zalatnay (2008) on B-MUSIC
10:59PM Magic Carpet “Peace song” from Magic Carpet (1969) on Magic Carpet
11:03PM Lamp of the Universe “Tantra Asana” composed by Craig Williamson from The Cosmic Union (2001) on Cranium Music
11:10PM Darius “Dirty, Funky Situation” composed by Darius from Darius (1969) on World Sound
11:14PM Comus “Touch Down” from To Keep From Crying (1974) on Virgin
11:19PM Duncan Browne “In a Mist (B Side to Journey Rak 135)” from Duncan Browne (1973) on RAK
11:27PM Chris Britton “Sit Down Beside Me” from As I Am (1969) on Page One
11:32PM Dantalion's Chariot “soma” from Chariot Rising (1996) on Wooden Hill (

11:36PM Marcelo “Algo No Ar” from Marcelo (1978) on EMI
11:40PM Evensong “Sweetbriar Road” from Evensong (1973)
11:43PM Ruth Copeland “Your Love Been So Good to Me” from Self Portrait (1970) on HDH Records/Invictus
11:47PM Click “See That My Children Got Warm Clothes” from Click (1969) on ABC Records
11:51PM Gary Higgins “Looking for June” from Red Hash (1973) on Drag City
11:57PM The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band “If You Want This Love” from Part One (1967) on Rhino/Warner Bros.

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 12 January 2015 - Guest DJ Les Kanekuni

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM Tir Na Nog “Time Is Like a Promise” from Tir Na Nôg (1971) on Tir Na Nog

10:09PM Leonard Cohen “Coming Back to You” composed by Leonard Cohen from Leonard Cohen - Live in Helsinki (1985) 

10:13PM Donovan “John B. Reilly” composed by traditional from The Minstrel (1970) 

10:18PM Changes “Bleeding Out Your Feelings Evermore” from Fire of Life (1996) on Tesco Distribution Germany

10:22PM Opo “Green Are Your Eyes” from Fallen Asleep Just Like Papa (1975) on Stoof

10:27PM Clive's Original Band “Music of the Ages” from Spirit of Love (1971) on CBS

10:31PM Saddar Bazaar “Garden of Essence” from The Conference of the Birds (1995) on Cherry Red Records

*************Interview and set with Guest DJ Les Kanekuni***********************

10:40PM Os Mutantes “Panis et circenses” from Os Mutantes (1968) on Polydor

10:44PM Loyce E Os Gnomes “Era Uma Nota De” from Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (2010) on World Psychedelic

10:48PM Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban “Mambo Sinuendo” from Mambo Sinuendo (2003) on Nonesuch/WBR

10:51PM Otros Aires “Allerding Otros Aires” from Vivo en Otros Aires on Otrotono

10:55PM Los Miticos Del Ritmo “Otro Muerde el Polvo (Another One Bites the Dust)” from Los Míticos del Ritmo (Soundway Records) [feat. Quantic] on Soundway Records

10:58PM Captian Cumbia “RAW HIDE vs BUSTA RHYMES” from RAW HIDE vs BUSTA RHYMES on

*************Interview and set with Guest DJ Les Kanekuni***********************

11:07PM Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot “Bonnie and clyde” from Bonnie and Clyde (1968) on 4 Men WIth Beards

11:10PM France Gall “Les sucettes” from Tendres années 60 : France Gall on Polydor

11:14PM Michel Polnareff “La poupee qui fait non” composed by Michel Polnareff from Love Me, Please Love Me on Universal Music Division Polydor

11:17PM Stereolab “Cybele’s Reverie” from Oscillons From The Anti-Sun (2005) on Duophonic

11:21PM Manu Chao “Bongo Bong” composed by Manu Chao from World Playground on Putamayo

11:24PM Magic System “Un Gaou a Oran” from Cessa Kiè La Vérité on Collective

11:30PM Bert Jansch “The January Man” from Moonshine (1973) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

11:33PM Mary-Anne “Wandering So Far” from Me (1970) on President Records Ltd

11:36PM Dulcimer “Grey Lady Morning” from Room for Thought (1992) on Background

11:40PM June Tabor “The Month of January” from Abyssinians (1984) on Shanachie Entertainment (

11:44PM Winter Flowers “fire song” from Earth and Sky (2009) on Manimal Vinyl Records

11:48PM Mara! “Dance of Zalongou” from Images (1984) on Plant Life

11:53PM Bill Baird “Sailing” from Spring Break of the Soul on Pau Wau Records

11:56PM Biddu With Manhar And Anand “Hum Tumhe Chate Hain (Edit)” from Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1 (2006) on Guerilla Reissues

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