KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 20 July 2015 - Frankie Stones and Faun Fables Feature

10:00PM Faun Fables “sleepwalker” from Mother Twilight (2004) on Drag

10:05PM The Sallyangie “Midsummer Night's Happening” from Children Of The Sun (1968) on Castle Music

10:10PM Langsyne “Mignon” from Langsyne (1976) on Dusselton

10:13PM Stone Breath “Where the Crows Go” from The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag (2012) on Deep Water Acres (

10:17PM In Gowan Ring “Limpid Brook” composed by B'eirth from The Folklore of the Moon volume 3- Flower Moon (2005) on Some Dark Holler/Hand Eye (

10:22PM Magna Carta “Elizabethan” from Seasons (1970) on Vertigo

10:25PM Lasher Keen “Tales From The Well Of Wyrd” from Berkerker (2012) on Lasher Keen

10:33PM Faun Fables “O My Stars” from O My Stars on not yet

10:37PM Mellow Candle “Heaven Heath” from Swaddling Songs (1972) on Deram

10:40PM Vulcan's Hammer “Crazy Man Michael” composed by traditional from The Two Magicians (2006) on Kissing Spell (

10:45PM Dulcimer “The Planters Cottage” from Room for Thought (1992) on Background

10:50PM Yellow Autumn “Wooden Table Fable” from Children of the Mist (1977) on Vala Publishing (

10:59PM Faun Fables “I'd Like to Be” from The Transit Rider (2006) on Drag

11:04PM Catherine Ribeiro & 2Bis “Soeur de race” from Catherine ribeiro + 2bis (1969) on Disques Festival

11:07PM Ex Reverie “Wooden Sword” from The Door Into Summer (2008) on Language of Stone

11:12PM Peter Scion “In the forest” composed by Peter Scion from Devachan (1997) on Domestica

11:18PM Daemonia Nymphe “Summoning Pan” composed by Daemonia Nymphe from The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia (2005) on Prikosnov√©nie (

11:25PM Peter Howell & John Ferdinando “Jabberwocky” from Alice Through the Looking Glass (1969) on Tenth Planet

11:29PM Book of AM “Enchanted Bard” from Can Am Des Puig - The Book Of AM, Pts. I & II (2006) on Wah-Wah Records Sound

11:37PM Frankie Stones “Manufactured Light” from Rampant Illness (2015) 

11:42PM Frankie Stones “Anyway” from Rampant Illness (2015) 

11:47PM Hush Arbors “Gypsy Wood” from Under Bent Limb Trees (2007) on Digitalis Recordings (

11:51PM The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree “The Blackthorn Tree” from The Mildew Leaf (2003) on Deserted Village (

11:55PM Faun Fables “joshua” from Family Album (2004) on Drag

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 6 July 2015

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Cancer- The Moonchild” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM King Crimson “Moonchild including The Dream and The Illusion” composed by King Crimson from In The Court of the Crimson King (1969) on Island Records

10:15PM The Story “Down to the Trees” from Tale Spin (2006) on Sunbeam Records

10:18PM Donovan “maria” composed by Donovan from Old Fashioned Picture Book (1970) 

10:21PM Clive's Original Band “Evening Air” composed by Clive Palmer from Spirit of Love (1971) on CBS

10:25PM Thistletown “labyrinth” from Rosemarie (2008) on Big Bertha

10:29PM Faun Fables “Old and Light” from Family Album (2004) on Drag

10:33PM The Chapin Sisters “let Me Go” from Lake Bottom LP (2008) on Plain Recordings

10:38PM Benny Soebardja & Lizard “Candle Light” from Benny Soebardja & Lizard (2012) on Strawberry Rain — Recorded In 1975

10:41PM Bojoura “Black Sheep Child” from The beauty of Bojoura (1970) on CBS

10:43PM Marissa Nadler “desire” from July (2014) on Sacred Bones Records

10:49PM July “Dandelion Seeds” from July (1968) on Epic

10:53PM Malicorne “La pernette” from Colin (1974) on Hexagone

11:00PM Shocking Blue “Hot Sand” from Shocking Blue: Greatest Hits (2001) on Red Bullet Productions

11:03PM Jason Crest “Turquoise Tandem Cycle” from Collected Works (1968) on Wooden Hill (

11:07PM Avaric “Nous √Čtions Trois Camarades” from Avaric (1979) on Oxygene

11:12PM Bachdenkel “Equals” from Lemmings (1973) on Philips

11:17PM Changes “Fire of Life” from Fire of Life (1996) on Tesco Distribution Germany

11:22PM Steve Ashley “Silly Summer Games” from Stroll On (1974) on Gull

11:27PM Amber “Earlie in the Morning” from Pearls of Amber (1971) on Unknown 

11:30PM Shide & Acorn “summer” from Princess of the Island (1994) on Kissing Spell (

11:34PM Moonkyte “Way Out Hermit” from Count Me Out (1971) on Mother

11:38PM Panbers “Haai” from Volume 1 (1972) on Mesra

11:42PM Tuca “Chantecler” from Meu Eu (1966) on Simplicidade

11:45PM Haymarket Square “funeral” from Magic Lantern (1968) on Chaparral Records

11:54PM The Owl Service “The Dorset Hanging Oak” from A Garland of Song (2008) on Southern

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 22 June 2015 - Summer Solstice and Guest Eric Conley

10:00PM Anne Briggs “Summer's In” from Sing a Song for You (1996) on Fledg'ling

10:06PM Oberon “summertime” from A Midsummer Night's Dream (1971) on Akarma

10:12PM T. Rex “Summer Deep” from T. Rex (1970) on Reprise Records

10:14PM Clive Palmer “Oh for Summer” from All Roads Lead to Land (2004) on Communion

10:19PM Extradition “a love song” from Hush (1971) on P-Vine Records

10:24PM Gwydion Pendderwen “The Sun God” from Songs For The Old Religion (1975) on Serpentine Music

10:29PM Mayfly “Symptoms of Summer” from Mayfly (1973) on Ariola

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  Live Music and Interview with Eric Conley ///////////////

11:20PM Birch Book “Stray Summer Song” composed by B'eirth from Songs to the Sun for the Dog Days of Summer (2011) 

11:27PM Mary Oliver “The Summer Day” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press (

11:29PM Arborea “Wayfaring Summer” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

11:32PM Deena Webster “Summer Day Reflection Song” from Tuesday's Child (1968) on Parlophone 

11:35PM Roy Harper “Long Hot Summer's Day” from Today Is Yesterday (2002) on Science Fiction

11:39PM The Sallyangie “Children of the sun” from Children Of The Sun (1968) on Castle Music

11:44PM Keith Christmas “Timeless and Strange” from Timeless & Strange: Selected Tracks (1969-1971) (1971) on B & C Records

11:49PM Just Others “Close Your Eyes to the Sun” from Amalgam (1974) on Riverman Music (

11:52PM Morita Doji “Dazzling Summer” composed by Morita Doji from Good Bye (1975) on Polydor

11:55PM Robin Scott “Song of the Sun” from Woman from the Warm Grass (1969) on Green light

11:58PM Parameter “Sons of Summer” from Galactic Ramble (1971) on Shadoks Music

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