KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 18 June 2018 - Summer Solstice Litha Show, Guest Poet Cam Jacob, and Happy Birthday Mom!

10:00PM ___________ “For This World to Begin” from The Blue Dirt of Paradise (2018) on  

10:05PM Oberon “summertime” from A Midsummer's Night Dream (1971) on Akarma

10:10PM Extradition “a love song” from Hush (1971) on P-Vine Records

10:15PM Clive Palmer “Oh for Summer” from All Roads Lead to Land (2004) on Communion

10:20PM Deena Webster “Summer Day Reflection Song” from Tuesday's Child (1968) on Parlophone

10:22PM Mayfly “Symptoms of Summer” from Mayfly (1973) on Ariola

....................Poetry by and Interview with Cam Jacob....................

11:00PM Anne Briggs “Summer's In” from Sing a Song for You (1996) on Fledg'ling

11:06PM Mary Oliver “The Summer Day” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press ( )

11:08PM The Sallyangie “Midsummer Night's Happening” from Children Of The Sun (1968) on Castle Music

11:13PM T. Rex “Summer Deep” from T. Rex (1970) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Unknown)

11:15PM Gwydion Pendderwen “The Sun God” from Songs For The Old Religion (1975) on Serpentine Music

11:20PM Birch Book “Stray Summer Song” from Songs to the Sun for the Dog Days of Summer (2011) on  

11:27PM Roy Harper “Long Hot Summer's Day” from Today Is Yesterday (2002) on Science Fiction — All the tracks were recorded between 1964 and 1969

11:31PM ____________ “Yellow Rose of Borges” from The Blue Dirt of Paradise (2018) on  

11:37PM Morita Doji “Dazzling Summer” composed by Morita Doji from Good Bye (1975) on Polydor

11:40PM Donovan “Voyage into the Golden Screen” from A Gift From a Flower to a Garden (1967) on Epic Records

11:44PM Buffy Sainte-Marie “Summer boy” from Fire & Fleet & Candlelight (1967) on Vanguard Records

11:48PM Shide & Acorn “summer” from Princess of the Island (1994) on Kissing Spell ( )

11:52PM Arborea “Wayfaring Summer” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

11:54PM Marissa Nadler “Silver Summers” from Ivy And The Clovers (2007) on Eclipse Records

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 4 June 2018- Happy 8th Birthday Day of the Velvet Voice, celebrating with special guest DJ Emily Geddiss!!

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Gemini - The Cool Eye” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:08PM Trees “The Garden of Jane Delawney” from The Garden of Jane Delawney (1970) on CBS

10:13PM Selda Bagcan “Gesi Baglari” from Turkulerimiz 1 (1971) on MAJÖR MÜZİK YAPIM

10:17PM Darius “mist veiled garden” composed by Darius from Darius (1969) on World Sound

10:21PM Daemonia Nymphe “Summoning Pan” from The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia (2005) on Prikosnovénie (

10:28PM Paul Giovanni, Gary Carpenter, Magnet “Fire Leap” from The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) (1973) on British Lion Music Limited

10:30PM Ex Reverie “Dawn Comes for Us All” composed by Ex Reverie from The Door Into Summer (2008) on Language of Stone

10:37PM Perry Leopold “U.S.S. Commercial” from Experiment in Metaphysics (1970) on Gear Fab Records ((reissued from 1970))

10:45PM Tim Buckley “the river” composed by Tim Buckley from Blue Afternoon (1969) on Straight

10:51PM Donovan “maria” composed by Donovan from Old Fashioned Picture Book (1970) on Unknown (Unknown)

10:55PM Mark Fry “The Witch” composed by Mark Fry from Dreaming With Alice (1972) on Akarma Italy

11:02PM Bermuda Triangle “Nights In White Satin” from Bermuda Triangle (1977) on Winter Solstice Records

11:06PM Gandalf “Hang on to a Dream” composed by Tim Hardin from Gandalf (1967) on Capitol

11:11PM Tyrannosaurus Rex “Juniper Suction” from Prophets, Seers, Sages and The Angels of the Ages (1968) on Universal UK

11:13PM Pearls Before Swine “There was a Man” composed by Tom Rapp from Balaklava (1969) on ESP Disk

11:17PM Orchestre Super Jheevs des Paillotes “Ye Nan Lon An” from African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s (Analog Africa No. 3) (2008) on Analog Africa

11:21PM Kadhja Bonet “Mother Maybe” from Childqueen (2018) on Fat Possum

11:26PM Boubacar Traore “Askia Mohamed” from Dounia Tabolo (2017) on Lusafrica

11:32PM The Very Best “Kanyale” from Makes a King (2015) on Moshi Moshi Records / [PIAS]

11:37PM Fool's Gold “the Dive” from Leave No Trace (2011) on Wagram Music / Cinq 7

11:42PM Lesley Duncan “love song” from Sing Children Sing (1971) on CBS

11:46PM Mariee Sioux “Twin Song” from Gift for the End (2012) on Almost Musique

11:51PM Haizea “Zurzo Aphal Bat” from Haizea (1976) on Elkar

11:55PM Leonard Cohen “The Gypsy's Wife” composed by Leonard Cohen from Field Commander Cohen - Tour Of 1979 (2000) on Columbia

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT