KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 26 Septembre 2016 with Sid Deluca

10:00PM Emtidi “Saat” from Saat (1972) on GALAXIS

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Libra- The Flower Child” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM Congregacion “Arrebol” from Viene... (1972) on Revista

10:13PM Candy “smilin'” from Hippie Goddess Compilation 1970s (1975) on Twisted Village

10:16PM Trader Horne “Velvet to Atone” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:19PM Soli “Miravi” from Pomegranates - Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of the 60s & 70s (2009) on Finders Keepers (

10:23PM July “Crying Is For Writers” from July (1968) on Epic 

10:26PM Dream City Film Club “Porno Paradiso” from Dream City Film Club (1997) on Beggars Banquet

10:36PM Placebo “Running up that Hill” from Covers (2003) on Elevator Lady Ltd

10:41PM Martin Gore “Coming Back To You” composed by Leonard Cohen from Tower Of Song: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen (2000) on A&M

10:45PM The Magnetic Fields “Papa Was a Rodeo” from 69 Love Songs (2004) on Merge

10:50PM Elk City “Play with Fire” composed by The Rolling Stones from I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson (2014) on American Laundromat Records

10:53PM Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Nobody's Baby Now” from Let Love In (1994) on EMIMusic

10:57PM Coby Koehl “Death of Samantha (Cool Chic Baby)” composed by Yoko Ono 

11:03PM Antony & the Johnsons “Crazy in love” from Aeon - Single (2009) on Secretly Canadian

11:18PM Jeff Buckley “Forget Her” from So Real: Songs From Jeff (2007) on Sony

11:24PM Diamanda Gal├ís “My World is Empty Without You” from Malediction and Prayer (1998) on Asphodel 

11:29PM Casey Stratton “Butterfly” composed by Tori Amos from Butterfly

11:33PM Dead Can Dance “amnesia” from Anastasis (2012) on PIAS Recordings

11:40PM Deb Montgomery “While I Waited” from The Little Hymn Project (2010) on Deb Montgomery

11:45PM Black Grass “Don't leave me this way” from A Hundred Days in One (2006) on Catskills Records

11:52PM Mick Softley “Love Colours” from Sunrise (1970) on CBS

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 13 Septembre 2016- Autumnal Equinox & Harvest Moon

10:00PM Stone Harbour “Summer Magic Is Gone” from Emerges (2008) on Lion Productions, Hallucinations

10:05PM Emmet Spiceland “Autumn Has Come” from The First... (1968) on Page One Records

10:09PM Collie Ryan “Watching the Grain Growing” composed by Collie Ryan from Indian Harvest (1973) on Rainbow Recording

10:12PM Dando Shaft “September Wine” from An Evening With (1971) on Neon (RCA)

10:16PM Farmer's Union “Hero of the Fairytaleland” from Reunion (1979) on Universe Productions

10:20PM Evensong “Smallest Man in the World” from Evensong (1973) on Unknown (Unknown)

10:24PM True Life Trio & Gari Hegedus “In the Deep Shade” from Like Never & Like Always (2016) on Waxsimile Records

10:27PM Andy Irvine and Paul Brady “Autumn Gold” from SELF TITLED (1976) on Greem Linnet

10:31PM Gwydion Pendderwen “harvest dance” from Songs For The Old Religion (1975) on Serpentine Music

10:34PM Sharron Kraus “harvest moon” from The Fox's Wedding (2008) on Durtro/Jnana

10:38PM Mary Oliver “Roses, Late Summer” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press (

10:40PM Corona Borealis “The Pretty Harvestress” from Cantus Paganus (2000) on Well Of Urd

10:42PM John Renbourn Group “John Barleycorn” from A Maid in Bedlam (1977) on Transatlantic

10:46PM Shide & Acorn “Autumn Lullaby” from Legend Of The Dreamstones (1993) on Kissing Spell (

10:52PM Janis Joplin “So Sad to Be Alone” from Janis Joplin Rarities on unofficial release

10:58PM Bridget St John “Autumn Lullaby” from Ask Me No Questions (1969) on Cherry Red Records

11:02PM Marissa Nadler “Summer Of Love Is Over” from Ivy And The Clovers (2007) on Eclipse Records

11:06PM Dave Waite & Marianne Segal “September song” from Paper Flowers (2007) on Akarma

11:09PM Stone Breath “Shine on harvest moon” from Knotwork (2008) on Hand/Eye (

11:11PM Prydwyn (with Quickthorn) “A Leaf Must Fall” from Solitude Owes Me a Smile (2009) on Hand/Eye (

11:15PM Novemthree “Autumnal Procession” from Renewing (2014) on Little Somebody Records (

11:22PM Harvey Andrews “Autumn song” from Friends of Mine (1973) on Cube

11:26PM Magna Carta “Autumn Poem” from Seasons (1970) on Vertigo

11:28PM Steve Ashley “Farewell Green Leaves” from Stroll On (1974) on Gull

11:33PM Magic Carpet “Harvest Song” from Magic Carpet (1969) on Magic Carpet

11:37PM Sand Snowman “Harvest and the Stars” from The Twilight Game (2009) on Tonefloat (

11:42PM Magna Carta “Autumn Song” from Seasons (1970) on Vertigo
11:44PM Strawbs “Medley: Autumn - Heroine's Theme / Deep Summer's Sleep / The Winter Long” from Hero and Heroine (1974) on A&M Records

11:53PM Kim Angelis “Songs of the Harvest” from The Prophecy, A Gypsy's Journey (2011) on Skysong Records

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT