Get your hair did this Saturday at Crossfades and support Coast Community Radio

From the divine workings of Miss E:

We are having an unusual fund raiser on Saturday- The Crossfades Analog Barbershop- 250 11th Street in Astoria (next to Lunar Boy) is going to give all of their proceeds this Saturday to KMUN! They are open from 10 to 6. Come in and get a cut and tell your friends!
We will be broadcasting live from 1-3 from the shop- Crossroads and the Scandinavian Hour. Three barbers will be there to accommodate as many people as we can get in there! The shop is a fun place with record covers all over the walls.
See you on Saturday!
FMI visit Crossfades

Image by Hanna Viktorsson

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 23 April 2012- Special Guest DJ & Interview with Haim Kenig

Intro songs, Interview, Haim's set comprised entirely of 45s...
Listen here:

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Taurus - The Voluptuary” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM Darius “Mist Veiled Garden” composed by Darius from Darius (1969) on World Sound

10:14PM Erkin Koray “Karli Daglar” composed by Erkin Koray from Elektronik Turkuler (1974) on Dogan

10:18PM Zakarrias “Who Gave You Love” from Zakarrias (1971) on Deram

10:23PM Perry Leopold “Serpentine Lane” from Christian Lucifer (1973) on Gear Fab Records

10:28PM Brightblack Morning Light “Another Reclaimation” from Motion to Rejoin (Bonus Track Version) (2008) on Matador

10:45PM Lynn Castle with Last Friday's Fire “The Lady Barber” from The Lady Barber (1968) on LHI

10:47PM Esko Affair “Morning Dull Fires” from Morning Dull Fires (1969) on Mercury

10:51PM This Generation “The Children Have Your Tongue” from The Children Have Your Tongue (1968) on Hip

10:54PM Ronny Hill “Could It Be Said” from Could It Be Said (1968) on Kanwic

10:57PM TiMOTHy “That Is All” from That Is All (1972) on Segue

11:00PM The #1 “The Collector” from The Collector (1967) on Kapp

11:03PM Georgia Drake “Misirlou” from Misirlou on Sunny

11:06PM Isthmus Of Sound “River” from River (1968) on Groovey Grooves

11:09PM Hardin & York “Candlelight” from Candlelight (1969) on Bell

11:13PM Small Faces “The Journey” from The Journey (1968) on Immediate

11:16PM Svensk “Dream Magazine” from Dream Magazine (1967) on Fontana

11:19PM Fairfield Parlour “Bordeaux Rose” from Bordeaux Rose (1970) on RCA

11:22PM The Gregorians “Dialated Eyes” from Dialated Eyes (1969) on ABC

11:26PM John Dunn “I'm A Deeper Blue” from I'm A Deeper Blue (1968) on Flick City

11:29PM The Appletree Theatre “What A Way To Go” from What A Way To Go (1968) on Verve Forecast

11:32PM The Gentle Soul “Tell Me Love” from Tell Me Love (1967) on Columbia

11:35PM Richie Havens “Indian Rope Man” from Indian Rope Man (1968) on Verve Forecast

11:39PM Dave Pike Set “Raga Jeeva Swara” from Raga Jeeva Swara (1970) on MPS

11:43PM Bhagavad-Gita “Long Hair Soulful” from Long Hair Soulful (1967) on Philips

11:52PM Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour “Epitaph: Angel” from White Faced Lady (1991) on Kaleidoscope Records

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

DotVV welcomes magic man HAIM KENIG on April 23

Day of the Velvet Voice is both honored and elated to welcome guest dj Haim Kenig to this Monday’s show.  Arriving via unknown transport from Portland via Philadelphia with wax under arm, this KBOO Astral Traveling ‘outernational soundscape’ programmer and pdx soul psyche dj will have you out of your body within 27 minutes of inner eargestion.   In addition to cosmically sharing my borderline Kafkaesque love for Fairfield Parlour’s White Faced Lady audible obelisk and having unimpeachable taste in loose tea, he also loves long walks on the beach.  As one of DotVV’s most faithful devotees, we are thrilled to have him spread the divine psychedelic scripture, waxing nostalgia almost entirely via prophetic 45s…
Levitate to the occasion this Monday at 10pm PT, streaming live on 

Artist: See Foo Plae

Day of the Velvet Voice wants you to know that something wicked(ly important) this way comes...


Creatives campaign for a truth, a reason, a solution, a future. In what some call the most important vote in the history of the U.S.A, WE THE CREATIVE get together to fight and fuck and flounder and forgive…. To talk about solutions, how we might and what we might do to make the future ours.

We celebrate with live music, short videos, art of all variety, spoken word, comedy, and angry prose, this is a creative convergence of three generations of outspoken, counterculture creatives.

Political debates and drunken knuckle fights!!!

This is the real underground, not some well planned and mass marketed, trust fund fueled, white washed and made safe bullshit… This is from the streets, from the zipcodes most fear to tread… No well connected trust fund artists here. Check the artists and their websites out, give ‘em a spin on the old google, you’ll see that their individual lives and talents are the things movies are made of!  (from

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 9 April 2012

10:00PM Laurelie “Tower of Illusion” composed by Eric Vion from Laurelie (1970) on Triangle Productions

10:03PM Lamp of the Universe “Mystic Soul of Heaven” composed by Craig Williamson from Earth, Spirit, & Sky (2006) on Hand/Eye (

10:08PM Gary Higgins “Stable the Spuds” from Red Hash (1973) on Nufusmoon — re-released on Drag City

10:14PM Love “Your Mind And We Belong Together” composed by Arthur Lee from Comes In Colours (1997) on Raven Records

10:19PM Fikret Kızılok “Gün Ola Devran Döne” from Gün Ola Devran Döne (1999) on Kalan Müzik

10:23PM Bob Smith “Try, Try to Understand Yourself” from The Visit (1970) on Virgo

10:27PM Sunforest “Magician In The Mountain” from Sound Of Sunforest (1969) on Deram Nova — reissued by Lion Productions

10:32PM Nirvana “Excerpt From The Blind & The Beautiful” composed by Alex Spyropoulos from Black Flower (To Markos 3) (1969) on Buddah Records

10:35PM Veronique Chalot “Complainte De La Blanche Biche” from La Chanson De Provence (1975) on Folkstudio

10:41PM Providence “Stream” from Ever Sense the Dawn (1972) on Threshold

10:45PM Dr. Timothy Leary “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” from Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (1966) on ESP

10:52PM Sreburnite Grivni “Venus” from psychedelic trip through bulgaria (2001) on Red Beat — originally recorded in 1973

10:56PM Mortimer “Where Dragons Guard the Doors” from Mortimer (1968) on Philips

11:00PM U.S. '69 “2069: A Spaced Oddity” from Yesterdays Folks (1969) on Buddah Records

11:04PM Will-O'-The-Wisp “Hew A Dream In The Twilight” from Ceremony Of Innocence (2004) on W O W Records

11:10PM Pentangle “Pentangling” from The Pentangle (1968) on Reprise Records

11:18PM Linda Nena “Juaneco Y Su Combo” from Roots of Chicha - Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru (2007) on Barbes (

11:22PM Neil Innes “Randy Raquel” from Taking Off (1977) on Arista

11:26PM Souhail Rana “Soul Sitar” from Khyber Mail (1970) on EMI

11:29PM Mr. Fox “Mendle” from The Gipsy (1971) on Transatlantic Records

11:37PM D. R. Hooker “Forge Your Own Chains” from The Truth (1972) on On Records

11:42PM Erkin Koray “Cetin Ceviz” composed by Erkin Koray from 2LP 1967-76 (1998) on Shadoks Music

11:46PM T. Zchiew and The Johnny “Let Your Life Be Free” from Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974 (2009) on Now-Again Records (

11:50PM Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood "The Look of Love” composed by Bill Plummer from Bill Plummer And The Cosmic Brotherhood (1968) on Impulse! Records

11:54PM Salamander “Wreck Of Old 99” from Birds Of Appetite (2003) on Camera Obscura

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT