KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 28 Decembre 2010

12:02AM Esther Ofarim “A Taste of Honey” from Esther Ofarim in New York With Bobby Scott & His Orchestra (1965) on Bureau

12:05AM Still Light “A Remedy” from Lything (2009) on Apollolaan Recordings —

12:11AM Various Artists - FM Records “Stafidianos Melody” from The Greek Folk Instruments: Lyra (2005) on FM Records

12:15AM Magnus Pelander “Hope” from Magnus Pelander (2010) on Svart Records (

12:19AM Beggars' Hill “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” from Beggars' Hill (2010) on Talking Elephant ( — Originally released in 1976

12:25AM The Story “Winterborn” from Tale Spin (2006) on Sunbeam Records

12:30AM Haizea “Ura Ixuririk” from Haizea (1976) on Elkar

12:36AM Roger Humphreys “Where The Time Goes” from Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1996) - private release

12:40AM Hungaria “Végállomás” composed by Fenyö Miklós , S. Nagy I. from Well Hung: 20 Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary - Volume 1 (2008) on Finders Keepers Records (

12:45AM Lambert & Nuttycombe “Time” composed by Denis Lambert from At Home (1970) on A&M Records

12:48AM Bob Desper “Time Is Almost Over” from New Sounds (2009) on Discourage Records ( — Originally released in 1974- reissued by Discourage Records (located in Portland, OR)

12:53AM Ithaca “Times” from A Game for All Who Know (1973) - private release

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 21 Decembre 2010 - Winter Solstice on a full lunar eclipse!

12:02AM Midwinter “Winter Song” from The Waters of Sweet Sorrow (1973) on Kissing Spell (

12:06AM Carol Batton “Intro: Winter” from Folk Is Not a Four Letter Word volume 2 (2005) on Delay 68

12:09AM Lindisfarne “Winter Song” from Nicely Out of Tune (1970) on elektra

12:15AM Stone Breath “The Holly Crown” from Knotwork (2008) on Hand/Eye (

12:20AM The Troll “Winter's Song” from Animated Music (1968) on smash — reissued on Radioactive Records in 2004

12:25AM Comus “Winter is a Coloured Bird” from Song to Comus: The Complete Collection (2005) on Sanctuary Records

12:33AM The Albion Band “Innocent's Song” from Christmas Album (1999) on HTD Records

12:35AM Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band “The Coventry Carol” from A Tapestry of Carols (2005) on Saydisc

12:39AM Boston Camarata with Joel Cohen “O moder Mayde (spoken)” from A Medieval Christmas (1991) on Nonesuch

12:41AM Vashti Bunyan “If In Winter (100 Lovers) [John Bunyan's Tape, 1966]” from Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967) (2007) on DiCristina

12:43AM Mediaeval Baebes “Adam Lay Ibounden” from Salva Nos (2000) on Nettwerk Records

12:47AM The Martin Best Medieval Ensemble “As I lay on Yoolis Night” from Thys Yool: A Medieval Christmas (1992) on Nimbus Records

12:51AM Robin Williamson “Drive the Cold Winter Away” from Winter's Turning (1992) on Flying Fish Records

12:53AM Birch Book “May Morning Dew” from Winter Solstice Performance- Portland, OR at the Old Church (2000) on Unreleased (

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 14 Decembre 2010

12:02AM Spirogyra “Island” from St. Radiguns (1972) on B&C Records

12:06AM Faraway Folk “The Yule Log” from Seasonal Man (1975) on RA

12:08AM Chalot Veronique “Le Bouvier” from A L'entree du Temps Clair (1982) on Unknown

12:15AM Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band “Watts Gradle Song” from Carols at Christmas (2007) on Park Records

12:19AM Leonard Cohen “Winter Lady” from Songs of Leonard Cohen (1989) on Columbia

12:22AM Anne Hills and Shinobu Sato with Cindy Mangsen, Fred Campeau, Jim Craig, Stuart Rosenberg and Friends “Patapan” from On This Day Earth Shall Ring: Songs for Christmas (1992) on Flying Fish Records

12:25AM Allessandra Belloni “Ave Mama e Deu” from Tarantata- Dance of the Ancient of the Spider (2000) on Sounds True

12:32AM Rick Hayward “Can't See Any Signs” from Rick Hayward (1971) on Blue Horizon

12:35AM Robin Williamson “Past Time with Good Company-Sommerset Wassail” from Winter's Turning (1992) on Flying Fish Records

12:40AM Keith Christmas “The Fawn” from Fable Of The Wings (1970) on B & C Records

12:45AM Bridget St John “The River (Live)” from Thank You For (1972) on Cherry Red Records

12:49AM Dhimitrios Sémsis “Aidhiniko (Instrumental)” from Greek-Oriental Rebetica Songs & Dances (2007) on Arhoolie Records

12:53AM Peter Scion “Like Winter I Am” from Devachan (1997) on Domestica

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 7 Decembre 2010 - Songs for the River

12:03AM Tim Buckley “The River” from Blue Afternoon (1969) on Straight

12:09AM Bonnie Dobson “Long River” from Bonnie Dobson (1969) on Argo

12:13AM Chris Thompson “The River Blues” from Chris Thompson (1973) on Village Thing

12:16AM Larry Conklin and Jochen Blum “River of Stories” from Jackdaw (2009) on Riverman Music (

12:20AM Dando Shaft “Riverboat” from An Evening With (1971) on Neon (RCA) — vocals: Polly Bolton

12:25AM Donovan “The River Song” from Hurdy Gurdy Man (1968) on Epic

12:28AM Arborea “River and Rapids” from House of Sticks (2008) on Summer Street Records

12:32AM Peter Bellamy “Ford O' Kabul River” from Mr. Bellamy, Mr. Kipling & the Tradition (2009) on Fellside Recordings Ltd

12:36AM Magna Carta “Sunday on the River” from Songs From Wastie's Orchard (1971) on Vertigo

12:40AM Virgin Insanity “River Town” from Illusions Of The Maintenance Man (1971) on De Stijl ( — reissued on De Stijl Records in 2009

12:43AM Stone Breath “The Passing of the River Waltz” from Terrastock 5 (2002) on Time-Lag Records (

12:47AM Fairport Convention “The Ballad of Easy Rider” from Unhalfbricking (1969) on Island Records

12:52AM Folklords “Forty Second River” from Release The Sunshine (1968) on Allied Records — Rereleased on Lion Productions in 2008

12:56AM Planxty “Only Our Rivers” from Planxty (1974) on Shanachie Entertainment ( —

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 30 Novembre 2010

12:02AM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Sagittarius- The Versatile Daredevil” from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

12:05AM Moonkyte “Way Out Hermit” from Count Me Out (2005) on Mother — reissued in 2005 by Sunbeam Records

12:10AM Dana Westover “Teacher” from Memorial to Fear (1972) on Wolf Music Recordings

12:16AM Sarolta Zalatanay “Adj Egy Percet” from Sarolta Zalatanay (2007) on Finders Keepers Records ( — reissued on Finders Keepers Records:

12:19AM Dawnwind “Canticle” from Looking Back on the Future (1976) on Sunbeam Records

12:22AM Thomas F. Browne “Tomorrow is Another Day” from Wednesday's Child (1971) on Vertigo

12:27AM Lesley Duncan “Love Song” from Sing Children Sing (1971) on CBS

12:31AM The Tree People “Pot of Gold” from The Tree People (1979) on Tiliqua Records —

12:37AM Acyutananda Swami “Gopinatha” from India: Songs of the Bengali Vaisnavas (1970) on Radha Krsna Productions

12:45AM Justine “See Saw” from Justine (1970) on Unknown

12:48AM Continental Uptight Band “Northern Islands” from Roots (1972) on imperial

12:53AM Abdolvahab Shahidi “Ud-e man” from Abdolvahab Shahidi- Ahang Rooz ARLP-1012 lp on Ahang Rooz —

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