I have often asked myself what is good for me?

and 4 consistent strands of being seem to whip-stitch around my extremities like ropes of rainbow DNA.  You might be suggesting adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine (or if you are really clever parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme).  Truth be told what currently knocks me over with sway and fold are Soul, Funk, Latin and More (‘more’ allowing for the existence of a forever expanding claw foot tub filled with pudding and whatever else I fancy at the time).  You can indulge in all of these by side stepping less salient responsibilities and moving your ass to the prurient prowl of KBOO DJ Haim Kenig this weekend.  The dispatch from the man himself:

guest host on One Two, One Two   8 - 10 PM Friday May 25th

guest host on Astral Traveling    6:30 - 8 PM Sunday May 27th

60s and early 70s soul, funk, Latin and more - all from original 45s

tune in at 90.7 in Portland, or at kboo.fm from anywhere

If you know what is good for you, and of course you do, you will most certainly tune in.  Haim’s cat, Simon, is already licking the vinyl in anticipation of its slick delivery.  

Haim choosing 45s at KMUN

DotVV loves Hershe

Deepest gratitude to Carol, Hershe’s best friend, for sharing her magnificence with all of us.  

photo by Carol

This dog is no puppy dog
She's strange as the trees
She's brown as the mountain
And white as the breeze

She walks on the water
Without any boots
Her eyes arc as fine
As the music of flutes

But she will not sweep chimneys
Nor will she pluck corn
But she is the best little dog
That ever was born

I have lain in the womb
Of the rocks cold and chill
While she speaks in my heart
With the voice of the hill

And when I am risen
And ready to run
She will laugh without laughter
To welcome the sun

But she will not learn language
Nor will she bear scorn
But she is the best little dog
That ever was born

The water God offered me
The ring of his rings
To buy the dog from me
To teach the poor kings

The ring's on my finger
The dog runs behind
Since watery palaces
Would ne'er suit her mind

But as yet she can't fly well
Nor play on the horn
Still she is the best little dog
That ever was born.

"God Dog" by the Incredible String Band

And for those of you asking where 'Willow's Song' came from:

straight from the comb with a hum than only such honey could spin:

This film is my 2nd favourite film of all time.  If you have not had the great pleasure of experiencing it yet I incite you to do so prior to listening to the next DotVV show.  When you do venture onto Summerisle, make sure you are viewing the uncut version that is 99 minutes long, not the US theatrical version that is 88 minutes long (you will undoubtedly miss some telling portions).  And for anyone who has had a punishable lapse of reason, the blasphemous mass of midden calling itself by the same name and produced in 2006 is ne'er to be considered within these walls.

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 21 May 2012

10:00PM The Story “A Story To Tell” from Acrane Rising (2011) on Start Entertainments Limited

10:03PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Gemini - The Cool Eye” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:06PM Ana y Jaime “A Veces Quisiera Ser Ciego” from Es Largo El Camino (1968) on Discos Fuentes

10:10PM Donovan “Sand And Foam” composed by Donovan Leitch from Mellow Yellow (1966) on comp

10:14PM Prydwyn “Naked Beauty” from At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin (1995) on Lordly Nightshade Productions

10:18PM Marissa Nadler “Mexican Summer” composed by Marissa Nadler from Songs III: Bird on the Water (2007) on Kemado Records

10:25PM Susan Christie “RAINY DAY” from Paint a Lady (2006) on Finders Keepers
(www.finderskeepersrecords.com) — originally recorded in 1970

10:29PM Pearls Before Swine “Regions of May” from One Nation Underground (1967) on ESP Disk

10:33PM Trader Horne “Jenny May” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:36PM Grupo Água “La Semilla” from Transparencia (1978) on Som Livre (http://www.somlivre.com/)

10:39PM The Story “Lingering” from Acrane Rising (2011) on Start Entertainments Limited

10:42PM Jorge Reyes “Las viñas de la serpiente” composed by Jorge Reyes from Rituales prehispanicos (1996) on ParaMusica

10:47PM Mary Oliver “Peonies” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press

10:50PM Paul Giovanni “Willow's Song” composed by Paul Giovanni from The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) (2005) on Silva Screen Records

10:55PM Perry Leopold “The 35th of May” composed by Perry Leopold from Experiment in Metaphysics (1970) on Gear Fab Records

11:01PM Josephine Foster “With Thee In The Desert” from Graphic As A Star (2009) on Fire Records

11:02PM Mandrake Memorial “Rainy May” from The Mandrake Memorial (1968) on Poppy

11:06PM Joao Donato “Cala Boca Menino” from Cala Boca Menino (1973) on Odeon — 7" record B-side: Amazonas

11:09PM The Big Huge “Slumbering Lioness” from Crown Your Head With Flowers, Crown Your Heart With Joy (2005) on Secret Eye Records (http://www.secreteye.org/)

11:13PM Gordon Wasson “Birds” from Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians Of Mexico (1957) on Folkways Records

11:16PM The Poppy Family “There's No Blood In Bone” from A Good Thing Lost 1968-1973 (1996) on W.A.R.? - What Are Records?

11:20PM Evensong “FIREFLY” from Evensong (1973)

11:23PM Shirley Collins “The Queen of May” from False True Lovers (1959) on Fledg'ling

11:26PM The Rose Garden “She Belongs To Me” from The Rose Garden (1968) on Atco records

11:30PM Malicorne “L'écolier assassin” from Almanach (1976) on Griffe

11:39PM Robin Gibb “One Million Years” from Robin's Reign (1970) on Polydor — This song only found on Scandanavian and German Polydor 184 363 release or on German cd reissue by Karussell

11:44PM O Terço “Lagoa Das Lontras” from O Terço (1973) on Phonodisc

11:48PM TROLL “Mexicana” from Pathless Land (2003) on Orange Sun Records

11:52PM The Brazda Brothers “Gemini” from The Brazda Brothers (1973) on RCA

11:56PM Bee Gees “Bury Me Down By the River” from Cucumber Castle (1970) on Polydor

streaming live on coastradio.org every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

Post-WTF fest- John Sinclair & Jessamyn Grace

Whispers of the next invasion caught on camera....

Thank-you Shane & Amy Bugbee for the foxy photo

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 30 April 2012

 10:00PM Lazily Spun “Forest of Spores” from Lazily Spun on private release- cdr

10:05PM Tim Buckley “THE RIVER” from Blue Afternoon (1969) on Straight

10:11PM Trader Horne “Velvet to Atone” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:14PM Tu Fawning “Multiply a House” from Hearts on Hold (2010) on Provenance
(http://www.provenancerecords.com )    www.tufawning.com

10:19PM Seventh Dawn “Free” from Surprise (1976) on Fantasy Worlds Unlimited

10:28PM Anne Briggs “Go Your Way” from Anne Briggs (1971) on Topic Records

10:33PM The Incredible String Band “God Dog” composed by Robin Williamson from The Chelsea Sessions 1967 (1997) on Pig's Whisker Music — A collection of previously unreleased material recorded by the Incredible String Band between 1965 and 1967.

10:36PM Thistletown “Dance With the Sea” from Rosemarie (2008) on Big Bertha

10:42PM Traveling Bell “Fog of the Dust” composed by Kathleen Baird from Scatter Ways (2005) on Secret Eye Records  (http://www.secreteye.org/)

10:46PM The Owl Service “The North Country Maid” from A Garland of Song (2008) on Southern

10:49PM Hanz Araki & Kathryn Claire “As I Roved Out” composed by traditional from Songs of Spring (2012) on self-released (www.hanzaraki.com    www.kathrynclairemusic.com)

10:53PM Larry Conklin and Jochen Blum “Alathea” from Jackdaw (2009) on Riverman Music (http://www.rivermanmusic.com/)

10:57PM The Sun Also Rises “Tales Of Jasmine And Suicide” from The Sun Also Rises (1970) on Qualiton - Saydisc

11:01PM Amory Kane “Golden Laces” from Just to Be There (1970) on CBS

11:10PM Witchcraft “Her Sisters They Were Weak” from Witchcraft (2004) on The Music Cartel

11:17PM Spires That in the Sunset Rise “Sort Sands” from Four Winds the Walker (2008) on Secret Eye Records (http://www.secreteye.org/)

11:23PM Ta Paichnidia Tou Iliou “The Dream” from Ta Paichnidia Tou Iliou (2007)
 — LP Self-released PD002 (2007)

11:27PM Taro Meyer “The Penetration Limited” from Taro Meyer (1973) on RCA

11:31PM Dorothy Ashby “Soul Vibrations” from Afro-Harping (1968) on Verve Records

11:35PM Tyler Fortier “Mamma I'm Coming Home” from Fear Of The Unknown (2011) on Tyler Fortier (http://tylerfortier.com/)

11:40PM Paul Parrish “I Once Had a Dog” from Songs (1971) on Warner Bros. Records

11:44PM Sam Parry “Going Up the Mountain” from If Sadness Could Sing (1972) on Argo

11:49PM Amps for Christ “Circuits” from Circuits (2012) on Water Wing Records (http://waterwingrecords.com)

11:55PM Red Favorite “Agrippina” composed by Jeremy Pisani from Red Favorite (2006) on Spirit Of Orr (www.spiritoforr.com)

streaming live on coastradio.org every other Monday night at 10pm PDT