KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 17 May 2021

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song of the Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:04 PM Christina Pluhar "Lamento Dei Mendicanti" from La Tarantella - Antidotum Tarantulae 2001 on Alpha

10:08 PM Trader Horne "Velvet to Atone" from Morning Way 1970

10:10 PM Ex Reverie "Clouds? Or Smoke?" from The Door Into Summer 2008 on Language Of Stone

10:17 PM Kathy Smith "For Emile" from 2 1971 on Stormy Forest

10:21 PM Dikanda "Me Misme I Gapi Mou" from Ajotoro 2008 on Jaro Records

10:25 PM Bob Theil "Who Are We Now" from So Far 1982 on Not On Label (Bob Theil Self-released)

10:31 PM Stone Angel "Gypsie Laddie-O" from East of the Sun 2004 on Kissing Spell

10:34 PM Mellow Candle "Heaven Heath" from Swaddling Songs 1972

10:37 PM Kathy Lowe "Complainte de la belle aux champs" from Kathy 1973 on Le chant du monde

10:41 PM Judy Mackenzie "Soapbox Song" from Judy 1970 on Key

10:44 PM Magic Carpet "Father Time" from Magic Carpet 1972 on Magic Carpet Records

10:50 PM Haymarket Square "funeral" from Magic Lantern 1968 on Chaparral Records

11:00 PM Bob Smith "Of She of Things" from The Visit From Bob Smith (Remastered) 1971 on Virgo

11:03 PM Sarada "The Darkest Path" from The Poor Minstrels Of Song Vol. Two 2002 on Hand/Eye

11:08 PM Deena Webster "Hair of spun gold" from Hurry, Tuesday's Child 1968 on Parlophone

11:12 PM Eric Andersen "Bay of Mexico" from Today is the Highway 1965 on Vanguard Records

11:15 PM Subway "Warm You Are" from Subway 1972 on Epic

11:20 PM Atalyja "Sauliula" from Atalyja 2001 on Atalyja

11:25 PM Einar Stenseng "Careless Love" from Stenseng II 2010 on Big Dipper

11:30 PM Din Delon "Il soldato" from La rosa e la ramella 2002 on Folkclub Ethnosuoni

11:35 PM Ace of Cups "Taste of One" from It's Bad for You but Buy It 2011 on Ace Records

11:37 PM Lítið Eitt "Karlinn Úti Á Klöppinni" from Til Hvers...? 1975

11:40 PM Melodic Energy Commission "Revise The Scene" from Stranger in Mystery 1979 on Vapor Records

11:46 PM Still Light "Tenebre" from Lything 2009 on Apollolaan Recordings

11:56 PM Adam Hurst "That Once Was" from Unearth

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