KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 26 August 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song Of The Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:03 PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds "Virgo- The Perpetual Perfectionist" from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds 1967 on elektra

10:06 PM The Ace Of Cups "Taste Of One" from It's Bad For You But Buy It 2011 on Ace Records

10:09 PM Michael Chapman "Fishbeard Sunset" from Fully Qualified Survivor 1970 on Harvest

10:09 PM Laine & Alan "Dragons" from On an Autumn Day 1982 on Coldstream

10:15 PM Susan Christie "Yesterday, Where's My Mind" from Paint a Lady 1970 on Twisted Nerve Recordings

10:26 PM Damon "Song of a Gypsy" from Song of a Gypsy 1968 on ANKH-968

10:28 PM Milkwood Tapestry "The Window Sill's Song" from Milkwood Tapestry 1969 on Metromedia Records

10:31 PM Donovan "Colours (Live on Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest 1966)" from TV Appearances & Other Rarities

10:36 PM Faun Fables "Joshua" from Family Album 2004 on Drag City

10:40 PM Pete Fine "Sunrise" from On A Day Of Crystaline Thought 1974 on Shadoks Music

10:43 PM Stefan "Friends" from Consecration 2007 on Inspirational Choral Ensemble

10:57 PM Deena Webster "Hair of spun gold" from Hurry, Tuesday's Child 1968 on Parlophone

11:00 PM Rifat ├ľncel "Dosta Bizden Selam Olsun" from Zeynebim/ Dosta Bizden Selam Olsun on Sayan

11:03 PM Deep Six "What Would You Wish From The Golden Fish" from The Deep Six 1966 on liberty

11:05 PM Maffitt and Davies "Time of Towns" from The Rise And Fall Of Honesty 1968 on Capitol Records

11:09 PM Dorothy Ashby "Soul Vibrations" from Afro-Harping 1968 on Cadet

11:13 PM Principal Edwards Magic Theatre "Sacfrifice" from Soundtrack 1969 on Cherry Red Records

11:21 PM Peter Bellamy "I Once Lived in Service" from The Transports: A Ballad Opera By Peter Bellamy 1977 on Free Reed

11:25 PM Axe "Another Sunset, Another Dawn" from Axe Music 1993 on Kissing Spell

11:30 PM Kalyanji-Anandji "Somebody to Love" from Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1 2006 on Guerilla Reissues ‎

11:32 PM Emtidi "Touch The Sun" from Saat 1972 on GALAXIS

11:44 PM Stephan Micus "Concert For Gender, Shakuhachi, And Zither" from Archaic Concerts 1976 on Caroline Records

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