KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 15 January 2018

10:00PM Pete Seeger & Brother Kirk “The Ballad of Martin Luther King” from Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street (1974) on Childrens Records of America

10:05PM Tir Na Nog “The Wind Was High” from Strong In the Sun (1973) on Chrysalis

10:09PM Mary McCaslin “You Keep Me Hangin׳ On” from Goodnight Everybody (1969) on Barnaby

10:14PM Thistletown “Oak and Ash” from Rosemarie (2008) on Big Bertha

10:20PM Antonietta Laterza and Nadia Gabi “Simona” from Alle Sorelle Ritrovate (1975) on Cramps Records

10:23PM Nick Drake “Way to Blue” from Five Leaves Left (1969) on Universal-Island Records Ltd.

10:27PM Dawnwind “The Derelict” from Looking Back on the Future (1976) on Sunbeam Records

10:31PM Trees “She Moved thro' the Fair” composed by Trees from The Garden of Jane Delawney (1970) on CBS

10:40PM Paul Roland “Journey To The Pole” from Happy Families (1988) on New Rose Records

10:45PM Bermuda Triangle “wind” from Bermuda Triangle (1977) on Winter Solstice Records

10:49PM Sarada “The Darkest Path” from Hand/Eye 2CD (2002) on Hand/Eye (

10:54PM Julie Felix “Gates of Eden” from Flowers (1967) on Fontana

11:00PM Susan Christie “Yesterday, Where's My Mind” from Paint a Lady (2006) on Finders Keepers (

11:10PM Sarofeen and Smoke “Tomorrow” from Sarofeen and Smoke (1970) on GWP Records

11:14PM Number Nine Bread Street “Girl for All Seasons” from Number Nine Bread Street (1967) on Holyground

11:17PM Feathers “January Thaw” from Flashing on Love (2006) on Unreleased

11:23PM Jean Jaques Dexter “Be quiet” from Dirty French Psychedelics (2009) on DIRTY SOUND SYSTEM (

11:26PM Din Delon “Il soldato” from La rosa e la ramella (2002) on Folkclub Ethnosuoni

11:31PM Denis “Little Girl Found” from Denis (1978) on Baba Cool System

11:42PM Mountain Home “The sparrow” from Mountain Home (2007) on Language of Stone

11:48PM Peter Stark “Many Times” from Mushroom Country (1976) on Montage Records

11:51PM Oberon “Time Past, Time Come” from A Midsummer's Night Dream (1971) on Akarma

11:55PM Orla Wren “Myself and Movement” from Butterfly Wings Make (2006) on Expanding Records
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