KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 26 Septembre 2016 with Sid Deluca

10:00PM Emtidi “Saat” from Saat (1972) on GALAXIS

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Libra- The Flower Child” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM Congregacion “Arrebol” from Viene... (1972) on Revista

10:13PM Candy “smilin'” from Hippie Goddess Compilation 1970s (1975) on Twisted Village

10:16PM Trader Horne “Velvet to Atone” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:19PM Soli “Miravi” from Pomegranates - Persian Pop, Funk, Folk, and Psych of the 60s & 70s (2009) on Finders Keepers (

10:23PM July “Crying Is For Writers” from July (1968) on Epic 

10:26PM Dream City Film Club “Porno Paradiso” from Dream City Film Club (1997) on Beggars Banquet

10:36PM Placebo “Running up that Hill” from Covers (2003) on Elevator Lady Ltd

10:41PM Martin Gore “Coming Back To You” composed by Leonard Cohen from Tower Of Song: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen (2000) on A&M

10:45PM The Magnetic Fields “Papa Was a Rodeo” from 69 Love Songs (2004) on Merge

10:50PM Elk City “Play with Fire” composed by The Rolling Stones from I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson (2014) on American Laundromat Records

10:53PM Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Nobody's Baby Now” from Let Love In (1994) on EMIMusic

10:57PM Coby Koehl “Death of Samantha (Cool Chic Baby)” composed by Yoko Ono 

11:03PM Antony & the Johnsons “Crazy in love” from Aeon - Single (2009) on Secretly Canadian

11:18PM Jeff Buckley “Forget Her” from So Real: Songs From Jeff (2007) on Sony

11:24PM Diamanda Galás “My World is Empty Without You” from Malediction and Prayer (1998) on Asphodel 

11:29PM Casey Stratton “Butterfly” composed by Tori Amos from Butterfly

11:33PM Dead Can Dance “amnesia” from Anastasis (2012) on PIAS Recordings

11:40PM Deb Montgomery “While I Waited” from The Little Hymn Project (2010) on Deb Montgomery

11:45PM Black Grass “Don't leave me this way” from A Hundred Days in One (2006) on Catskills Records

11:52PM Mick Softley “Love Colours” from Sunrise (1970) on CBS

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  1. thank you so much for incuding me on this list of wonderful & talented gorgeous & gratitude

    1. COBYKOEHL Your music is auriferous honey, dreaming meadows at midnite, the magic of desire when only the voice is recognized as (a) familiar...I'm so grateful to Sid for introducing me to your magic and look forward to playing more of your music.

  2. Replies
    1. A pleasure that never would have happened without you, Sid Deluca XXXXXXXO