KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 29 February 2016 - Leap Year

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:03PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Pisces- The Peace Piper” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra 

10:06PM Baris Manco “Alla Beni Pulla Beni” from Sözüm Meclisten Dışarı (1991) on Sony Music Entertainment

10:10PM The Incredible String Band “The Water Song” from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968) on elektra 

10:13PM Pearls Before Swine “For Free (Demo Version)” from The Wizard of Is (2004) on Water

10:16PM Veronique Chalot “L'empoisonneuse” from J'ai vu le loup (1978) on Materiali Sonori

10:25PM Patti Smith “Paths That Cross” from Dream Of Life (1988) on Arista

10:30PM Saffron Summerfield “The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow” from Salisbury Plain (1974) on Mother Earth Records

10:35PM Wendy & Bonnie “Story Of A Conventional Man” from Genesis (1969) on Skye Records

10:41PM Nick Drake “fly” composed by Nick Drake from Bryter Layter (1970) on Hannibal

10:44PM Nahid Akhtar “Aise Mausam Men Chup Kayoon Ho” from Film Hits (1975) on EMI

10:48PM Darius “I Feel the Need to Carry On” from Darius (1969) on World Sound

10:51PM Twink “fluid” from Think Pink (1970) on Akarma

10:55PM Haitham Hasan & Mohammed Saleh Abd Al-Saheb Lelo “Ya Gariya Khabirini” from The Music of Islam, Vol. 4: Music of the Arabian Peninsula, Doha, Qatar (1997) on Celestial Harmonies

11:01PM Buffy Sainte-Marie “Better to Find Out for Yourself” from Illuminations (1969) on Vanguard Records

11:04PM Modality Stew “D-Sense / Descents” from Modality Stew (1978) on UMP

11:08PM Mogollar “dag ve çocuk” from Moğollar (1976) on Diskötur

11:13PM Ant Trip Ceremony “Violets of Dawn” from 24 Hours (2008) on Cicadelic Records — originally recorded in 1968

11:17PM Marmalade “kaleidoscope” from Kaleidoscope: The Psych-Pop Sessions (2003) on Castle Music

11:21PM Arthur “Pandora” from Dreams and Images (1968) on Light In The Attic

11:24PM Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare (NCCP) “Jesce sole” from Nuova compagnia di canto popolare (1973) on EMI

11:26PM Comus “Touch Down” from To Keep From Crying (1974) on Virgin

11:31PM Fairfield Parlour “The Glorious House of Arthur” from From Home to Home (1970) on Vertigo

11:34PM Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus “She Moved Through The Fair” from Paradis (1995) on Apocalyptic Vision

11:40PM Fit and Limo “Wende Dich Her” from Terra Incognita (2004) on September Gurls

11:43PM Kardeş Türküler “Zepür Gı Tarnam (Would be a Breeze)” from Kardeş Türküler (1997) on Kalan Müzik

11:48PM Shide & Acorn “Riverman” from Legend Of The Dreamstones (1993) on Kissing Spell (

11:52PM Daemonia Nymphe “Calling the Twelve Gods” from The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia (2005) on Prikosnovénie (

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