Electric Fences - Saturday August 15th


Lunasea Gardens, Nehalem OR

Electric Fences, the first annual music festival at Lunasea Gardens, will take place on Saturday, August 15th between the hours of Noon and Midnight.  Featuring performances from The Singing Knives, Longriver, Chris King and The Gutterballs, Justin Fallen, Faith Twain, Travis Champ, Lox, Sarah Archer, Royal Graves, Jeff James, Frankie Stones, Stem and Leaf Plot, Crystal Moths, Utah Fake, Ombrotrophic, and Noah Dooley with a special presentation of The Wheel of Fortunes from Darkwing Delusions.

Advance Tickets ($20) are available for purchase at Manzanita News and Espresso or by request at electricfencesfest@gmail.com           

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