KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 13 April 2015

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM Tu Fawning “Multiply a House” from Hearts on Hold (2010) on Provenance 

10:10PM Nick Cave “avalanche” composed by Leonard Cohen from Black Sails OST (2015)

10:15PM Pearls Before Swine “Images of April” composed by Tom Rapp from Balaklava (1969) on ESP Disk

10:18PM Jackson C Frank “I Want to Be Alone (Dialogue)” from The Lost Tapes - EP on Secret Records

10:22PM Horse Cult “The Blacksmith” from The Blacksmith (2015) —

10:30PM Linda Perhacs “Chimacum Rain” from Parallelograms (1971) on Kapp

10:34PM Arborea “rain” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

10:37PM Emtidi “Love Time Rain” from Saat (1972) on GALAXIS

10:40PM Larry and Myra “Rain in the Air” from Eat the Day (1970) on The Alien Nation

10:43PM Collie Ryan “it's Gonna Rain” composed by Collie Ryan from Indian Harvest (1973) on Rainbow Recording

10:47PM Bridget St John “The River (Live)” from Thank You For… (1972) on Cherry Red Records

10:52PM AKA “Crazy Joe” from Crazy Joe (1972) on INDRA

10:56PM The Saffron Sect “Phosphorous Flash” from Phosphorous Flash (2010) on Fig Records

10:59PM Congregacion “Tanto Parcelamiento” from Viene... (1972) on Revista

11:04PM Tim Snider & Caio Andreatta “The Stairwell” from In Brazil on Bok Choy Productions 

11:06PM Bad Liquor Pond “Silence In You” from Blue Smoke Orange Sky on Bad Liquor Pond

11:09PM Tess Parks “This Time Next Year” from Blood Hot (2013) on 359 Records

11:14PM D. R. Hooker “Weather Girl” from The Truth (1972) on On Records

11:19PM Robin Scott “The Sound of Rain” from Woman from the Warm Grass (1969) on Green light

11:24PM Brigitte Fontaine “Il pleut” from Brigitte Fontaine est. . . (1968) on Saravah

11:27PM Feathers “raindrops” from Something's Wrong With Feathers (2006) on Feathers Family (

11:31PM Lasher Keen “Rain Maker” from Berserker (2012) on Pesanta Ur Folk

11:35PM Serenity “Sea Time Rain” from Piece of Mind (1972) on Down Under

11:38PM Dando Shaft “rain” from An Evening With (1971) on Neon (RCA)

11:43PM Mr. Fox “The Hanged Man” from Mr. Fox / The Gypsy (2004) on Sanctuary Records Fontana

11:48PM Yellow Sunshine Explosion “Feminine Animation” from Yellow Sunshine Explosion (1987) on Love's Simple Dreams

11:53PM Malicorne “Cortège de noce” from Le mariage anglais (1975) on Hexagone

11:57PM Paul Mercer “Abigail Remembers” composed by Paul Mercer from Ghosts (2008) on Electronic Voice Phenomena

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