KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 6 January 2014 with Sea Dog DJ Haim Kenig, Happy Birthday to Sandy Denny & Syd Barrett

Endless gratitude for my partner in sound and Brethen of the West Coast, Haim Kenig, for keeping the DotVV sailing the wild sonic seas whilst I was in the desiccant desert.  May we pour the tea and splice the mainbrace soon.

1.The man in the Moon by Village
2.Floatin by George Bean
3.Telegraph Is Calling by Pawnshop
4.Aquamarine Ink by Saffron Sect
5.Sunlight Glide by Mandrake Paddle Steamer
6.No Silver Bird by Hooterville Trolley
7.I can see her face by Kippington Lodge
8.Mendle by Mr Fox
9.Le prince d'Orange by Gabriel & Marie Yacoub
10.Van dieman's land by Shirley Collins & Albion Country Band
11.Bad girl by Shirley Collins & Davy Graham
12.I lost something in the hills by Sibylle Baier
13.No Man's Land by Syd Barrett
14.See Emily Play by Pink Floyd
15.Flaming (live BBC) by Pink Floyd
16.Love by Virgin Sleep
17.Dream Of Dreams by Smoke
18.Matilda Mother (alt extended vers) by Pink Floyd
19.Emily by Fairfield Parlour
20.To Each His Own by FEATHERS
21.Time Will Tell by Spirogyra
22.Daughter by Espers
23.Genesis Hall by Fairport Convention - dedicated to House Rabbit Society Members everywhere!
24.The North Star Grassman & The Ravens by Sandy Denny
25.Tam Lin by Fairport Convention
26.Tell Me What You See In Me by Sandy Denny with The Strawbs
27.Farewell Farewell by Fairport Convention
28.Busy Bee ("Beeside" - demo!) by Tintern Abbey
29.No One by Legay

And the Happiest of Birthdays to Syd and Sandy- you left us with everything we needed, a treasure trove that only your souls could find, brought to light by gilded song.  

December, 1964. An 18-year-old aspiring musician called Roger writes an endearing illustrated letter to his girlfriend, Jenny Spires, in which he describes his band's first recording session. It was, in fact, the first of many, and before long both Roger and his band, The Tea Set, would become known by different names: he, as Syd Barrett; his band, Pink Floyd.

This letter was very kindly supplied by Essential Works, publishers of the recently released Barrett: The Definitive Visual Companion to the Life of Syd Barrett, a truly fantastic and highly recommended book full to the brim with previously unseen photographs, letters and artwork by the late frontman. Images used here with permission of Jenny Spires herself.

Transcript follows.

Dear Jen, you are a little dish.

I'll tell you everything that happened at the recording. We took all the gear into the studio which was lit by horrid white lights, and covered with wires and microphones. Rog had his amp behind a screen and Nicki was also screened off, and after a little bit of chat we tested everything for balance, and then recorded five numbers more or less straight off; but only the guitars and drums. We'r going to add all the singing and piano etc. next Wednesday. The tracks sound terrific so far, especially King Bee.


When I sing I have to stand in the middle of the studio with ear phones on, and everyone else watches from the other room, and I can't see them at all but they can all see me. Also I can only just hear what I'm singing.


I hope you got home alright Jen, and that you had a good time. You wouldn't have been able to come in to the recording and anyway it went on till after midnight, and would have been a whopping drag for you.

It was a nice thing to be which was tra tra la. (do not bother to interupt)

Do what you want Jen. I love you very much and want to hear from you and you are very pretty.

I am a bit fed up with everything today and I want to be in Cambridge or Greece but not in London where all I do is spend money and travel. The sun is shining though.

Love, Roger.

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