KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 11 March 2013

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Pisces- The Peace Piper” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM Robin Williamson & His Merry Band “Mythic Times” from Journey's Edge  (1977) on Flying Fish

10:17PM Mary-Anne “The Water is Wide” from Me (1970) on President Records Ltd

10:21PM Chemin Blanc “Sabadena” from Chemin Blanc (1975) on RCA

10:28PM Pearls Before Swine “RAINDROPS” from City Of Gold (1971) on Reprise Records

10:31PM Collie Ryan “It's Gonna Rain” composed by Collie Ryan from Indian Harvest (1973) on Rainbow Recording

10:35PM Midlake “Winter Dies” from The Courage of Others (2010) on Bella Union

10:41PM Prydwyn “In the Darkness” from At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin (1995) on Lordly Nightshade Productions

10:49PM Traveling Bell “Treasures and Griefs” from Scatter Ways (2008) on Secret Eye Records (

10:52PM Serenity “Sea Time Rain” from Piece of Mind (1972) on Down Under

10:56PM Dando Shaft “Kalyope Driver” from Dando Shaft (1971) on Neon (RCA)

11:00PM Tim Buckley “Hallucinations (Live)” from Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 (2011) on Manifesto Records

11:08PM Eighteenth Day of May “The Waterman's Song To His Daughter” from Eighteenth Day of May (2006) on Ryko/WEA

11:14PM Mark Fry and the A. Lords “Taking Wing” from I Lived In Trees (2011) on Golden Pavilion Records

11:19PM Maria Barton “Turning The Tide - Tune” from Rainful Days (1980) on Airship

11:25PM Humble Pie “The Light Of Love” from Town And Country (1969) on Charly Records

11:29PM Donovan “Guinevere (Live on Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest 1966)” from TV Appearances & Other Rarities (2008)

11:35PM The Humblebums “Look Over the Hills and Far Away” from The Humblebums (1969) on liberty

11:39PM Cheryl Dilcher “How I'd Like To Go Home” from Special Songs (1970) on Ampex Records

11:43PM Chris Caswell “Bir Damet Yasamen” from Bir Damet Yasamen (2010)   Played in Istanbul on the Caswell Rhiannon Classic 36 harp

11:50PM Arborea “Ides Of March” from Arborea (2008) on Fire Museum Records

11:54PM Chris Caswell “The Wild Geese” composed by Chris Caswell from Holy Wood (2001) on Gargoyle Recordings 

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