TONITE- Bee (Birch Book/In Gowan Ring) and Derek Ecklund (The Columbia River Sound Map) LIVE

Inamoratos e Inamoratas,

If ever I was to share with you a secret so Orphic, so ingénue, could you tuck it just behind the nape of your neck for safe keeping?  What if I told you that a period of remorseless introversion kept me in mourning behind the Delphinian lace veil of abysmal loss, and only the sibylline sounds of one poet could lift it? Not rescued, but found. Not saved, but seen. Not changed, but remembered…by one who came to me as twin.
The moss that has stretched out below, the aureate honey that drips down the walls, the lucid dreaming that overtakes the senses, the Jasmine that breaths beneath your tongue, the dew on fleeting bloom in moonlit gardens, and the edge of the wood in the eyes of your familiar...

B’ee of Birch Book/In Gowan ring will play LIVE on Day of the Velvet Voice tonite at 10pm PT. This night of craft as we draw down the moon and etch the circle round will be further orchestrated by Sonic Sorcerer Derek Ecklund of The Columbia River Sound Map and The Sun and Moon Ensemble, a cosmic collective including Cameron Wagner (voice and drone) and Jonathan Howitt (percussion) that will leave your epiphysis soaring (as long as you are not drinking our tap water). A missive about Derek's wizardry:
“Using hermetic ideas of the music of the spheres and the sonically intoxicating science of the raga music of India, he (Derek) creates tonal spaces that get inside the listener, bringing the orbit cycles of the planets into frequencies, and projects down into the ears”

Both artists will be playing sets in the upcoming Fort George Dark Arts Festival, which I will also be performing at as well as reading Tarot all day. Tonite’s show will feature additional Dark Arts artists such as Greg Skloff, Shane Bugbee, Soriah (who played a liveset on DotVV 3rd December), Jupiter Øø (who also played a live set on DotVV June 4th), the Easter Island Project and more…

I forbid you to miss this show, and I forbid you even more to miss the Dark Arts Festival…these artists come dawning crowns of copper with lightning bolt under foot.

Find out more about the Fort George Dark Arts festival here

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT


  1. an honor. one of my favorite all time radio shows!!!

  2. Shane! I should totally have you & Amy on the show sometime as well. We could brew up a most excellent show- I'll just slide the cauldron out from under the programming board and we'll mix it up...