The ghosts of spectral sound have been at work behind unearthly doors…

DotVV is elated to announce the arrival of a new release by one of its most treasured bands.  Tune in this Monday, October 8that 10pm PT as we unfurl the resplendence of Rosarium, showcasing additional tracks by its magnificent contributing artists.  Opulent in layer and sonorous in gesture, this album pursued, captured and obscured me in the most spellbinding of ways- as in a Monarch Migration I became camouflaged amongst its ornate wings of sound. 

If you miss this show the rabbits will know.

Rosarium- Still Light

More generous info and where to find the album here:

Officially released on October 9th, 2012, Rosarium will be available in a limited audiophile quality 45RPM 2xLP 180gram marbled vinyl edition (with included CD copy), as well as a standard Japanese mini album cardboard sleeve edition exclusively from Tonefloat.

Rosarium was written, recorded, and produced by Kirill Nikolai in various parts of Colorado, with additional guest contributions by Carol Anne McGowan (Donegal, Ireland) and Randall Frazier (Orbit Service). Additional regular contributors include cellist Phil Norman, singer-songwriter Jessica Dye, William Klingenmeier and Grayson Scherer.  The record was mastered by Peter Van Vliet (The Use of Ashes) in the Netherlands. Artwork photography by Daniel Crossley with additional art and design by Carl Glover. 

Continuing to draw inspiration from film and literature, Rosarium deals with sentiments of loss and the occult; the delusion, melancholy, and horror that is born from our inability to part with that which is dearest to us.  A triptych of short avant-garde films by Denver based artist Donald Maestas can be viewed at the mini-site Sole Twisted Heir. The work was influenced by Rosarium, and tells a tale of it’s own set to tracks “Processional Pt. I”, “The Cross of Snow”, & “Rosary”.

For more information and news on this release visit Tonefloat and Still Light. To pre-order the album now visit the Tonefloat shop. Sample tracks can be previewed through Tonefloat’s soundcloud page.

-Kirill Nikolai
streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

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