KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 2 January 2012- Happy New Year!

10:00PM Cosmic Trip Machine “Time” from Lord Space Devil (2008) on self-released

10:03PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:07PM Magic Carpet “Father TIme” from Magic Carpet (1969) on Magic Carpet

10:12PM Bojoura “Time it Goes By” composed by E. Nobel - T. van Leer - B. Cleuver from The beauty of Bojoura (1970) on CBS

10:16PM Donovan “New Year's Resolution” composed by Donovan Leitch from Open Road (1970) on Epic

10:19PM Loudest Whisper “The Wheel Of Life” from The Children Of Lir (2010) on Start Entertainments Limited

10:22PM Catherine Ribeiro & 2Bis “Le Crime De L'Enfant Dieu” from Catherine ribeiro + 2bis (1969) on Disques Festival

10:27PM Beggar's Hill “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” composed by Sandy Denny from Beggar's Hill (1976) on Moonshine

10:33PM Entrance “You Must Turn” from Golden Apples of the Sun (2004) on Bastet

10:36PM Clive Palmer “SANDS OF TIME” from All Roads Lead to Land (2004) on Communion

10:42PM Blonde On Blonde “SPINNING WHEEL” from Contrasts (2001) on Castle Music — originally released in 1969

10:46PM The Pretty Things “What's the Use” from Parachute (1970) on Harvest

10:49PM Roger Humphreys “Where the Time Goes” from Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1996) on private release

10:53PM Ithaca “TIMES” from A Game for All Who Know (1973) on private release

11:03PM Storyteller “First Week In January” from Storyteller (1970) on Transatlantic Records

11:08PM Nico “The Fairest of the Seasons” from Chelsea Girl (1967) on mgm

11:13PM Lambert and Nuttycombe “TIME” from AT HOME (1970) on A&M Records

11:16PM Changes “The Times They Ain't A-Changing” from Orphan In the Storm (2008) on Tesco Distribution Germany

11:19PM Victoria “Wheels” from Victoria (1971) on Shadoks Records — reissued

11:22PM Bill Fay “Some Good Advice” from Time of the Last Persecution (1971) on Deram

11:26PM Magna Carta “Spinning Wheels of Time” from Magna Carta (1969) on Mercury

11:30PM Justine “Unknown Journey” from Justine (1970) on Unknown

11:38PM The Factory “Smile, Let Your Life Begin” from Smile, Let Your Life Begin (1967) on uni records

11:41PM Dulcimer “Mr. Time” from Room for Thought (1992) on Background

11:44PM Kitchen Cynics “Time To Take Your Time” from Parallel Dog Days (2003) on Secret Eye Records (

11:48PM 17 Pygmies “LAST YEAR” from Welcome (1988) on Great Jones

11:52PM Caethua “The Smell Of June” from The Summer is Over Before it's Begun (2011) on Water Wing Records (

11:56PM Nowell Sing We Clear “Carol for the New Year” from Hail Smiling Morn (2007) on Golden Hind Music

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