KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 22 February 2011 Songs of the Sea

12:00AM The Chapin Sisters “Sea Shanty” from Let Me Go (2007) on Manimal Vinyl Records

12:03AM Donovan “There Is an Ocean” from Essence to Essence (1973) on Donovan Discs

12:08AM Caedmon “Sea Song” composed by Simon Jacquet from Caedmon (1978) self-released
12:14AM Colin Scot “The Boatman” from Colin Scot (1971) on United Artists Records

12:18AM Gordon Bok “The Bird Rock” from Other Eyes (2010) on Timberhead Music ( —

12:22AM In Gowan Ring and Blood Axis “Sea Ritual” from Witch-Hunt: The Rites of Samhain (2001) self-released (

12:27AM Gordon Jackson “My Ship, My Star” from Thinking Back (1969) on Marmalade

12:35AM Baby Whale “The Old Man and Sea” from The Downhill Climb (2002) on Kissing Spell ( — Recorded for DJM Records in 1973 but not officially released until 2002

12:40AM Battlefield Band “The Shipyard Apprentice” from Battlefield Band (1977) on Topic Records

12:44AM Buffy Sainte-Marie “Song to a Seagull” from Fire & Fleet & Candlelight (1967) on Vanguard Records

12:48AM Beggar's Hill “The Sailor Home From The Sea” from Beggar's Hill (1976) on Moonshine

12:52AM Brandywine Bridge “Fisherman's Night Song” from The Grey Lady (1977) on Cottage Records

12:57AM Gordon Bok “The Seals” from Other Eyes (2010) on Timberhead Music ( —

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