KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 7 Decembre 2010 - Songs for the River

12:03AM Tim Buckley “The River” from Blue Afternoon (1969) on Straight

12:09AM Bonnie Dobson “Long River” from Bonnie Dobson (1969) on Argo

12:13AM Chris Thompson “The River Blues” from Chris Thompson (1973) on Village Thing

12:16AM Larry Conklin and Jochen Blum “River of Stories” from Jackdaw (2009) on Riverman Music (

12:20AM Dando Shaft “Riverboat” from An Evening With (1971) on Neon (RCA) — vocals: Polly Bolton

12:25AM Donovan “The River Song” from Hurdy Gurdy Man (1968) on Epic

12:28AM Arborea “River and Rapids” from House of Sticks (2008) on Summer Street Records

12:32AM Peter Bellamy “Ford O' Kabul River” from Mr. Bellamy, Mr. Kipling & the Tradition (2009) on Fellside Recordings Ltd

12:36AM Magna Carta “Sunday on the River” from Songs From Wastie's Orchard (1971) on Vertigo

12:40AM Virgin Insanity “River Town” from Illusions Of The Maintenance Man (1971) on De Stijl ( — reissued on De Stijl Records in 2009

12:43AM Stone Breath “The Passing of the River Waltz” from Terrastock 5 (2002) on Time-Lag Records (

12:47AM Fairport Convention “The Ballad of Easy Rider” from Unhalfbricking (1969) on Island Records

12:52AM Folklords “Forty Second River” from Release The Sunshine (1968) on Allied Records — Rereleased on Lion Productions in 2008

12:56AM Planxty “Only Our Rivers” from Planxty (1974) on Shanachie Entertainment ( —

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  1. hi¡ a good selection and a good blog.
    Happy to listen to tim buckley or ballad of easy rider by the fairport (one of my favourites).take a look at my blog (if you want)
    best wishes.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit Day of the Velvet Voice, Oscar. Hope you can tune in some time...and if you have any requests just let me know.