KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 9 April 2012

10:00PM Laurelie “Tower of Illusion” composed by Eric Vion from Laurelie (1970) on Triangle Productions

10:03PM Lamp of the Universe “Mystic Soul of Heaven” composed by Craig Williamson from Earth, Spirit, & Sky (2006) on Hand/Eye (

10:08PM Gary Higgins “Stable the Spuds” from Red Hash (1973) on Nufusmoon — re-released on Drag City

10:14PM Love “Your Mind And We Belong Together” composed by Arthur Lee from Comes In Colours (1997) on Raven Records

10:19PM Fikret Kızılok “Gün Ola Devran Döne” from Gün Ola Devran Döne (1999) on Kalan Müzik

10:23PM Bob Smith “Try, Try to Understand Yourself” from The Visit (1970) on Virgo

10:27PM Sunforest “Magician In The Mountain” from Sound Of Sunforest (1969) on Deram Nova — reissued by Lion Productions

10:32PM Nirvana “Excerpt From The Blind & The Beautiful” composed by Alex Spyropoulos from Black Flower (To Markos 3) (1969) on Buddah Records

10:35PM Veronique Chalot “Complainte De La Blanche Biche” from La Chanson De Provence (1975) on Folkstudio

10:41PM Providence “Stream” from Ever Sense the Dawn (1972) on Threshold

10:45PM Dr. Timothy Leary “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” from Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (1966) on ESP

10:52PM Sreburnite Grivni “Venus” from psychedelic trip through bulgaria (2001) on Red Beat — originally recorded in 1973

10:56PM Mortimer “Where Dragons Guard the Doors” from Mortimer (1968) on Philips

11:00PM U.S. '69 “2069: A Spaced Oddity” from Yesterdays Folks (1969) on Buddah Records

11:04PM Will-O'-The-Wisp “Hew A Dream In The Twilight” from Ceremony Of Innocence (2004) on W O W Records

11:10PM Pentangle “Pentangling” from The Pentangle (1968) on Reprise Records

11:18PM Linda Nena “Juaneco Y Su Combo” from Roots of Chicha - Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru (2007) on Barbes (

11:22PM Neil Innes “Randy Raquel” from Taking Off (1977) on Arista

11:26PM Souhail Rana “Soul Sitar” from Khyber Mail (1970) on EMI

11:29PM Mr. Fox “Mendle” from The Gipsy (1971) on Transatlantic Records

11:37PM D. R. Hooker “Forge Your Own Chains” from The Truth (1972) on On Records

11:42PM Erkin Koray “Cetin Ceviz” composed by Erkin Koray from 2LP 1967-76 (1998) on Shadoks Music

11:46PM T. Zchiew and The Johnny “Let Your Life Be Free” from Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads And Dirges 1968-1974 (2009) on Now-Again Records (

11:50PM Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood "The Look of Love” composed by Bill Plummer from Bill Plummer And The Cosmic Brotherhood (1968) on Impulse! Records

11:54PM Salamander “Wreck Of Old 99” from Birds Of Appetite (2003) on Camera Obscura

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