Day of the Velvet Voice wants you to know that something wicked(ly important) this way comes...


Creatives campaign for a truth, a reason, a solution, a future. In what some call the most important vote in the history of the U.S.A, WE THE CREATIVE get together to fight and fuck and flounder and forgive…. To talk about solutions, how we might and what we might do to make the future ours.

We celebrate with live music, short videos, art of all variety, spoken word, comedy, and angry prose, this is a creative convergence of three generations of outspoken, counterculture creatives.

Political debates and drunken knuckle fights!!!

This is the real underground, not some well planned and mass marketed, trust fund fueled, white washed and made safe bullshit… This is from the streets, from the zipcodes most fear to tread… No well connected trust fund artists here. Check the artists and their websites out, give ‘em a spin on the old google, you’ll see that their individual lives and talents are the things movies are made of!  (from


  1. thank you. honored. come by and hang out and make shit with me. xo/shane

    1. Shane-
      It was a celebratory event- thank-you to you, Amy and all of the performers who are exceedingly talented and kind. It is a wonderful thing to bring art to Astoria, as well as honouring the amazing art that is already here. I loved the newer works and was entirely moved by how relevant the words of the elders still are. I can't wait to delve into John Sinclair's book, Shyla's necklace, and Esmerelda Strange's cds. The eve really sent me...thanks again.