KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 18 Novembre 2019

10:00 PM The Hackles "Dreamer" from A Dobritch Did As a Dobritch Should 2019 on Jealous Butcher Records

10:05 PM Bonnie Dobson "Once My True Love" from At Folk City 1962 on Prestige International

10:09 PM Michael Hurley "Troubled Waters" from Armchair Boogie 1971 on Warner Bros.

10:11 PM Josephine Foster "Eternity" from Faithful Fairy Harmony 2018 on Fire Records

10:15 PM Lea Nicholson "All Through the Beer" from Horsemusic 1971 on Trailer

10:17 PM The Sallyangie "Banquet on the Water" from Children Of The Sun 1968 on Castle Music

10:22 PM Bob Theil "Who Are We Now" from So Far 1982 on Not On Label (Bob Theil Self-released)

10:32 PM Anne Briggs "Blackwater Side" from Anne Briggs 1971 on Topic Records

10:36 PM Mortimer "Where Dragons Guard the Doors" from Phillips 1968 on Rev-Ola

10:40 PM The Hackles "Dominoes" from A Dobritch Did As a Dobritch Should 2019 on Jealous Butcher Records

10:43 PM Jack Hardy "Now We Are Three" from Jack Hardy 1971 on Great Divide Records

10:47 PM Trees "Streets of Derry" from On the Shore 1970 on CBS

10:59 PM Beyaz Kelebekler "Esmerim" from Turkish Freakout! 2010 on Bouzouki Joe Records

11:04 PM Arborea "Red Bird" from Arborea 2008 on Fire Museum Records

11:07 PM Traveling Bell "Calm In Trees" from Scatter Ways 2008 on Secret Eye Records

11:10 PM Donovan "Poor Cow" from Donovan In Concert (Live) 2009 on Epic/Legacy

11:13 PM Julie Felix "The Hedgehog's Song" from This World Goes Round & Round

11:18 PM Evensong "Sweetbriar Road" from Evensong 1973

11:22 PM The Humblebums "Look Over the Hills and Far Away" from The Humblebums 1969 on liberty

11:26 PM Bob Desper "Darkness Is Like a Shadow" from New Sounds 1974 on Rose City Sound Records

11:32 PM Marissa Nadler "Heart Paper Lover" from Little Hells 2009 on Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

11:36 PM Atalyja "Sauliula" from Atalyja 2001 on Atalyja

11:42 PM Giorgos Romanos "The Fantastic Doctor" from Two Little Blue Horses 1970 on zodiac

11:45 PM Thistletown "Under the Trees" from Rosemarie 2007 on Big Bertha

11:52 PM Josephine Foster "The Way Is Sweetly Mown" from Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You 2005 on Fire Records

11:55 PM Michael Hurley "the Moon Song" from Bad Mr. Mike on Mississippi Records

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 4 Novembre 2019 - Dia de los Muertos

10:00 PM The Sun Also Rises "Death" from The Sun Also Rises 1970 on Saydisc

10:07 PM Mary Oliver "When Death Comes" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:09 PM John Renbourn "O Death" from Lost Sessions 1996 on Edsel Records

10:12 PM Forest "Graveyard" from Gather In The Mushrooms 2008 on Sanctuary

10:18 PM Cian "Unquiet Grave" from Three Shouts from a Hill 1999 on Cian Records

10:22 PM Allister Thompson "My Name Is Death" from Infinities 2006 on self released

10:27 PM Angelo Branduardi "The Funeral" from Highdown Fair 1978 on Universal Music Italia srL.

10:39 PM Marissa Nadler "Hay Tantos Muertos" from Ballads of Living and Dying 2004 on My Kung Fu

10:42 PM The Incredible String Band "My Name Is Death" from The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:46 PM Mike Raven & Joan Mills "Death And the Lady" from Death and the Lady 1972 on Folk Heritage

10:51 PM Emmet Spiceland "Lover's Ghost" from The First..... 1977 on Hawk

10:54 PM Gavin Friday "For Annie" from Closed On Account of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 1997 on Island / Mercury

11:01 PM Scullion "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" from Scullion 1979 on Mulligan

11:06 PM Rita Abadzi "Gazeli Neva Sabah (The Hour of Death)" from Greek-Oriental Rebetica Songs & Dances 1991 on Arhoolie Records

11:10 PM Josephine Foster "Deathknell" from Live on WFMU, November 29th 2004 2004 on none

11:16 PM Swans "Song for Dead Time" from White Light from the Mouth of Infinity 2015 on Mute

11:22 PM Ultimate Spinach "(BALLAD OF) THE HIP DEATH GODDESS" from Ultimate Spinach 2006 on Iris Music Group

11:33 PM Tangerine "DEATH" from De L'Autre Cote de la Foret 1975 on Arcane

11:36 PM Caethua "Highways In the Deathlight" from The Long Afternoon of Earth 2009 on Preservation

11:40 PM McGuinness Flint "Let Me Die In My Footsteps" from Lo and Behold 1972 on Sire Records Company

11:45 PM John Bassman Group "Sing a song at my grave" from Filthy Sky 1970 on A.S.P.

11:49 PM Adam Hurst "Death Waltz" from Ruin 2008 on ASH records

11:54 PM Soriah "Ofrendas de Luz a los Muertos" from Ofrendas de Luz a los Muertos 2007 on Beta-lactam Ring Records

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 21 October 2019 - Samhain

10:00 PM Paul Giovanni, Gary Carpenter, Magnet "Appointment With the Wicker Man" from The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) 1973 on British Lion Music Limited

10:02 PM Buffy Sainte-Marie "The Vampire" from Illuminations 2006 on Vanguard Records

10:05 PM Blood Axis and In Gowan Ring "The Rolling of the Stones" from Witch-Hunt & The Rites Of Samhain 2002 on CorZar Records

10:10 PM Barry Dransfield "The Werewolf" from Barry Dransfield 1972 on Polydor

10:17 PM Cloud Pump "Devil's Drive" from The Cave of the Great Pale Eye 2005 on Cloud Pump

10:23 PM Jason Crest "Black Mass" from Collected Works 1968 on Wooden Hill

10:23 PM Fifty Foot Hose "Cauldron" from Cauldron 2012 on Ace Records

10:32 PM Coven "Coven in Charing Cross" from Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls 1969 on Mercury

10:36 PM Aleister Crowley "Pentegram" from The Great Beast Speaks 1999 on M.O.D.

10:37 PM The Troll "Werewolf And Witchbreath" from Animated Music 1968 on Smash

10:42 PM Fairport Convention "Tam Lin" from Liege and Lief 1969 on Island

10:50 PM The Ghost "Night of the Warlock" from When You're Dead- One Second 1970 on Gemini

10:54 PM Julian's Treatment "Alda, Dark Lady Of The Outer Worlds" from A Time Before This 1970 on Young Blood

10:58 PM Comus "The Bite" from First Utterance 1971 on Dawn Records

11:04 PM Spriguns "Devil's Night" from Time Will Pass 1978 on Decca Music Group Ltd.

11:07 PM Choc "The Devil" from The Electric Asylum: Rare British Acid Freakrock, Vol. 1 2011 on Start Entertainments Limited

11:13 PM Witch "Black Saint" from Witch 2006 on Tee Pee Records

11:19 PM Bobby BeauSoleil "Lucifer Rising 2" from Lucifer Rising 1979 on White Dog Music

11:25 PM Diamanda Galás "The Black Cat" from Closed on Account of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 1997 on Island / Mercury

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 23 Septembre 2019 - Mabon and the Autumnal Equinox

10:00 PM Stone Harbour "Summer Magic Is Gone" from Emerges 1974 on Morenorecords

10:03 PM The Zodiac "Libra - The Flower Child" from Cosmic Sounds 1967 on Rhino/Elektra

10:06 PM Emmet Spiceland "Autumn Has Come" from The First..... 1968 on Page One Records

10:10 PM Collie Ryan "Indian Harvest" from Indian Harvest 1973 on Rainbow

10:14 PM Dando Shaft "September Wine" from An Evening With 1970 on Decca

10:18 PM Farmers Union "Hero of the Fairytaleland" from Reunion 1979 on Universe Productions

10:22 PM Evensong "Smallest Man in the World" from Evensong 1973 on Poppydisc

10:25 PM Marissa Nadler "Summer Of Love Is Over" from Ivy And The Clovers 2007 on Eclipse Records

10:33 PM Andy Irvine "Autumn Gold" from Andy Irvine and Paul Brady 1967 on Green Linnet

10:38 PM Gwydion Pendderwen "Harvest Dance" from Songs For The Old Religion 1975 on Serpentine Music

10:40 PM Sharron Kraus "Harvest Moon" from The Fox's Wedding 2008 on Jnana Records

10:44 PM Corona Borealis "The Pretty Harvestress" from Corona Borealis 2000 on Well Of Urd

10:45 PM The John Renbourn Group "John Barleycorn" from A Maid In Bedlam 1977 on Sanctuary

10:50 PM Bridget Saint John "Autumn Lullaby" from Ask Me No Questions 1968 on Cherry Red Records

10:52 PM Stone Breath "Shine On Harvest Moon" from Knotwork 2008 on Hand Eye

10:54 PM In Gowan Ring "Wind That Cracks the Leaves" from Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home 2002 on Lune Music

10:58 PM The Hackles "Keep on Gettin' Together" from Astoria Odd Fellows Building Restoration Song 2019

11:06 PM Dave Waite & Marianne Segal "September Song" from Paper Flowers 2006 on Akarma

11:09 PM Prydwyn (with Quickthorn) "A Leaf Must Fall" from Solitude Owes Me a Smile 2009 on Hand/Eye

11:13 PM Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford "Autumn Calls" from Autumn Calls 1998 on Tursa

11:15 PM Shide & Acorn "Autumn Lullaby" from Legend Of The Dreamstones 1969 on Kissing Spell

11:20 PM Vashti Bunyan "Autumn Leaves (1964 Tape)" from Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (Singles and Demos 1964 to 1967) 2007 on DiCristina

11:22 PM Harvey Andrews "Autumn Song" from Friends of Mine 1973 on Cube

11:25 PM Machin "L'Automne" from Moi, Je Suis Un Folkeux 1975 on Sterne

11:32 PM Magic Carpet "Harvest Song" from Magic Carpet 1969 on Magic Carpet Records

11:36 PM The Big Huge "Autumnal Hymn" from Crown Your Head With Flowers, Crown Your Heart With Joy 2005 on Secret Eye Records

11:40 PM Steve Ashley "Farewell Green Leaves" from Stroll On (Revisited) 1974 on Market Square

11:45 PM Saffron Summerfield "September" from Fancy Meeting You Here 1978 on Mother Earth Records

11:49 PM Madden and Harris "Cool September" from Fools Paradise 1975 on Madden and Harris

11:51 PM Gryphon "The Fall of the Leaf" from Treason 1977 on Harvest

11:53 PM :Novemthree: "Autumnal Procession" from Renewing 2014 on Little Somebody Records

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 9 Septembre 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song Of The Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:05 PM Buffy Sainte-Marie "Eagle Man/Changing Woman" from Changing Woman 1971 on MCA Records

10:08 PM Leonard Cohen "A Thousand Kisses Deep" from 2009-2-19 Live in New York City 2009

10:10 PM Mariee Sioux "Twin Song" from Gift for the End on Almost Musique

10:15 PM A Hawk and a Hacksaw "Our Lady Of The Vlatva" from Darkness At Noon 2005 on The Leaf Label

10:18 PM Linda Perhacs "Dolphin" from Parallelograms 1970 on Kapp

10:20 PM Perry Leopold "Vespers" from Christian Lucifer 1973 on Gear Fab

10:29 PM Tim Buckley "Once I was" from Dream Letter 1990 on Manifesto Records

10:35 PM Veronique Chalot "L'empoisonneuse" from J'ai vu le loup 1978 on Materiali Sonori

10:45 PM Mary Oliver "Roses, Late Summer" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:46 PM Dana Westover "Whisper" from Memorial to Fear 1972 on Wolf Music Recordings

10:48 PM Meg Baird "Stars Climb Up the Vine" from Seasons On Earth 2011 on Wichita Recordings

10:55 PM Gandalf "Me About You" from Gandalf on Capitol Records

11:01 PM Fit & Limo "Salad Song" from The Serpent Unrolled ‎ 1998 on September Gurls

11:05 PM Mr. Fox "House Carpenter" from The Gipsy 1971 on Transatlantic Records

11:10 PM Trees "Fool" from On the Shore 1970 on Columbia

11:16 PM James Yorkston "Us Late Travellers" from The Year of the Leopard 2006 on Domino Recording Co. LTD

11:22 PM Nick Drake and Mick Audsley "Dark and Devil Waters" from Dark and Devil Waters 1973 on Sonet

11:25 PM Milkwood Tapestry "Sunday Raindrops" from Milkwood Tapestry 1969 on Metromedia Records

11:29 PM Dungen "Sätt Att Se" from 4 2010 on Kemado Records

11:39 PM The Green Pajamas "The First Rains of September" from The Complete Book of Hours 2010 on Green Monkey Records

11:43 PM Will O' the Wisp "Summer of Life" from Will-O-The Wisp 1999 on Action Records

11:49 PM Faraway Folk "summer's end" from Seasonal Man 1975 on RA

11:53 PM Andrew Bird "Carrion Suite" from Useless Creatures

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 26 August 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song Of The Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:03 PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds "Virgo- The Perpetual Perfectionist" from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds 1967 on elektra

10:06 PM The Ace Of Cups "Taste Of One" from It's Bad For You But Buy It 2011 on Ace Records

10:09 PM Michael Chapman "Fishbeard Sunset" from Fully Qualified Survivor 1970 on Harvest

10:09 PM Laine & Alan "Dragons" from On an Autumn Day 1982 on Coldstream

10:15 PM Susan Christie "Yesterday, Where's My Mind" from Paint a Lady 1970 on Twisted Nerve Recordings

10:26 PM Damon "Song of a Gypsy" from Song of a Gypsy 1968 on ANKH-968

10:28 PM Milkwood Tapestry "The Window Sill's Song" from Milkwood Tapestry 1969 on Metromedia Records

10:31 PM Donovan "Colours (Live on Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest 1966)" from TV Appearances & Other Rarities

10:36 PM Faun Fables "Joshua" from Family Album 2004 on Drag City

10:40 PM Pete Fine "Sunrise" from On A Day Of Crystaline Thought 1974 on Shadoks Music

10:43 PM Stefan "Friends" from Consecration 2007 on Inspirational Choral Ensemble

10:57 PM Deena Webster "Hair of spun gold" from Hurry, Tuesday's Child 1968 on Parlophone

11:00 PM Rifat Öncel "Dosta Bizden Selam Olsun" from Zeynebim/ Dosta Bizden Selam Olsun on Sayan

11:03 PM Deep Six "What Would You Wish From The Golden Fish" from The Deep Six 1966 on liberty

11:05 PM Maffitt and Davies "Time of Towns" from The Rise And Fall Of Honesty 1968 on Capitol Records

11:09 PM Dorothy Ashby "Soul Vibrations" from Afro-Harping 1968 on Cadet

11:13 PM Principal Edwards Magic Theatre "Sacfrifice" from Soundtrack 1969 on Cherry Red Records

11:21 PM Peter Bellamy "I Once Lived in Service" from The Transports: A Ballad Opera By Peter Bellamy 1977 on Free Reed

11:25 PM Axe "Another Sunset, Another Dawn" from Axe Music 1993 on Kissing Spell

11:30 PM Kalyanji-Anandji "Somebody to Love" from Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1 2006 on Guerilla Reissues ‎

11:32 PM Emtidi "Touch The Sun" from Saat 1972 on GALAXIS

11:44 PM Stephan Micus "Concert For Gender, Shakuhachi, And Zither" from Archaic Concerts 1976 on Caroline Records

 streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 12 August 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "The River" from Blue Afternoon 1969 on Rhino/Warner Bros.

10:09 PM The Zodiac "Leo - The Lord Of Lights" from Cosmic Sounds 1967 on Rhino/Elektra

10:12 PM Forest "fading light" from Forest 1969 on Harvest

10:17 PM Anne Briggs "Fine Horseman" from The Time Has Come 1971 on Columbia

10:20 PM Mary Oliver "THE SUN" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:21 PM Collie Ryan "Walk Upon the Land" from Indian Harvest 1973 on Rainbow Recording

10:24 PM The Incredible String Band "Three Is a Green Crown" from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter 1968 on Rhino/Elektra

10:34 PM Steeleye Span "When I Was On Horseback" from Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again 1971 on Pegasus

10:41 PM Tim Buckley "Phantasmagoria In Two (Live)" from Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 1990 on Manifesto Records

10:46 PM Donovan "Isle of Islay" from Rising Again 2011 on Pilot Records

10:48 PM Nick Drake "I Was Made to Love Magic" from Time of No Reply 1986 on Hannibal

10:52 PM Mary Oliver "Five am in the Pinewoods" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:54 PM Angelo Branduardi "The Funeral" from Highdown Fair 1978 on Universal Music Italia srL.

11:06 PM Anne Briggs "Living by the Water" from Anne Briggs 1971 on Topic Records

11:10 PM Green Crown "The Witch in the Well" from Washed in Her Blood 1998 on Harvest Queen Productions

11:18 PM Clive's Original Band "Evening Air" from Spirit of Love 1971 on CBS

11:22 PM Alessandra Belloni "Agur Iziarko" from Tarantata: Dance of the Ancient Spider 2009 on Sounds True courtesy of BFM Digital

11:27 PM Ex Reverie "Clouds? Or Smoke?" from The Door Into Summer 2008 on Language Of Stone

11:33 PM Extradition "A Moonsong" from Hush 1971 on Sweet Peach

11:41 PM Kate Bush "Under the Ivy" from Hounds of Love on EMI

11:43 PM Tim Buckley "Wayfaring Stranger / You Got Me Runnin' (Live)" from Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 1990 on Manifesto Records

11:56 PM Adam Hurst "Stone Bridge" from From Silence 2010 on Ash Records

 streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 29 July 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song of the Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:05 PM Tir Na Nog "Time Is Like a Promise" from Tir Na Nog 1971 on Chrysalis

10:06 PM Kees Ouwejan & Makkers "Come Live with Me" from !?!? 1981 on Stoof

10:08 PM Tim Hollier "Man Of Gentle Sunlight" from Tim Hollier 1970 on Fontana

10:10 PM The Tannahill Weavers "Bonnie was Yon Rosie Briar" from The Old Woman's Dance 1978 on Plant Life

10:16 PM Courtney Marie Andrews "Two Feathers & Two Stones" from For One I Knew 2010 on River Jones Music

10:20 PM Perry Leopold "The Windmill" from Christian Lucifer 1973 on Gear Fab Records

10:32 PM Alasdair Roberts "I Have a Charm" from Amber Gatherers 2007 on Drag City

10:36 PM Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band "Murder of Maria Marten" from No Roses 1971 on Transatlantic

10:43 PM Spirogyra "Island" from St. Radigunds 1971 on Sanctuary Records

10:47 PM Folque "Heimat Låta" from Folque 1974 on Universal Music AS

10:49 PM Barbara Dane "When I Was A Young Girl" from When I Was A Young Girl 1962 on Horizon Records

10:54 PM Andrew Bird "A Lyke Wake Dirge" from A Lyke Wake Dirge on Universal Music Ireland Ltd.

10:58 PM Serpentine Choir "River of Tears and Blood" from Star​+​Bone 2019

11:04 PM Fotheringay "Bruton Town" from Nothing More - The Collected Fotheringay 2015 on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

11:09 PM Irolt "It Gefang" from De Gudrun Sêge 1975 on Universe Productions

11:12 PM Horse Cult "Wandering Aengus" from One Curious Night 2019

11:22 PM The Myrrors "Plateau Skull" from Burning Circles In the Sky 2008 on Strange Design Records

11:25 PM Barbara Bell "Tea Dropped Down" from All I Have 1975 on Tennessee

11:27 PM Marissa Nadler "Katie I Know" from Strangers 2016 on Sacred Bones Records

11:37 PM Jacco Gardner "Summer's Game" from Cabinet of Curiosities 2013 on Trouble In Mind Records

11:41 PM thayer sarrano "Crease" from Shaky 2015 on thayer sarrano

11:44 PM Alex Oriental Experience "Turkish tunes" from Anthology More Than 40 Years Of Rock 2007 on Meyer Records

11:48 PM Allister Thompson "The Long Night" from The Other Shore 2011 on self released

11:53 PM Adam Hurst "Early Night" from From Silence 2010 on Ash Records

 streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 15 July 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song of the Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:04 PM Donovan "Song Of The Naturalist's Wife" from A Gift From A Flower To A Garden 1967 on Legacy Recordings

10:06 PM Stone Angel "Gypsie Laddie-O" from East of the Sun 2004 on Kissing Spell

10:10 PM Vashti Bunyan "Hidden" from Summer Sundae festival in Leicester 2006

10:14 PM The Story "The Darkened Path" from Acrane Rising 2011 on Start Entertainments Limited

10:17 PM Prydwyn "In the Darkness" from At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin 1995 on Lordly Nightshade Productions

10:27 PM Ex Reverie "The Years" from The Door Into Summer 2008 on Language Of Stone

10:32 PM Leonard Cohen "The Gypsy's Wife" from Field Commander Cohen: Tour of 1979 on Columbia

10:38 PM Trader Horne "In My Loneliness" from Morning Way 1970 on Dawn

10:39 PM Sima Bina "Naz Kardanet Vavilla" from Zolfaye Yarom - Persian Folk Songs 1993 on Caltex Records

10:43 PM The Amorphous Androgynous "High Tide On the Sea of Flesh" from The Isness 2013 on Future Sound Of London

10:48 PM Caterina Bueno "Storia Del 107" from Canti di Maremma e d'Anarchia 1997 on Avvenimenti

10:50 PM The 31st Of February "Cod'Ine" from The 31st Of February 2013 on Henry Stone Music USA, Inc

11:01 PM Tu Fawning "Multiply a House" from Hearts on Hold 2011 on City Slang

11:06 PM Din Delon "Maggio Delle Rose. Bourree" from La Rosa E La Ramella on Folkclub Ethnosuoni

11:12 PM Einar Stenseng "Careless Love" from Stenseng II 2010 on Big Dipper

11:17 PM Bülent Ortaçgil "Olmalı mı Olmamalı mı" from Benimle Oynar Mısın 1974 on 1 Numara

11:19 PM Shirley Collins "I Drew My Ship" from False True Lovers 1959 on Folkways Records

11:22 PM Subway "Warm You Are" from Subway 1972 on Epic

11:29 PM Bill Fay "Tiny" from From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock 2004 on Wooden Hill

11:32 PM Robin Williamson "Rends-Moi Demain" from Myrrh 1972 on Universal-Island Records Ltd.

11:34 PM The Gentle Soul "Tell Me Love (Single Version)" from The Gentle Soul (Bonus Track Version)

11:37 PM Loudest Whisper "Nothing At All" from Loudest Whisper 1981 on Loudest Whisper

11:40 PM Comus "Diana" from First Utterance 1971 on Dawn Records

11:47 PM Carol of Harvest "Put On Your Nightcap" from Carol of Harvest 1978 on Brutkasten

 streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT

KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 1 July 2019

10:00 PM
Tim Buckley
Song of the Magician
Tim Buckley
10:05 PM
The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds
Cancer- The Moonchild
The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds
10:08 PM
King Crimson
Moonchild including The Dream and The Illusion
In The Court of the Crimson King
10:15 PM
Angelo Branduardi
The Stag
Highdown Fair
Universal Music Italia srL.
10:18 PM
Ever Sense the Dawn
10:21 PM
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens
President Records Ltd
10:25 PM
Book of AM
Enchanted Bard
Can Am Des Puig - The Book Of AM, Pts. I & II
Wah-Wah Records Sound
10:32 PM
Jackson C. Frank
Milk and Honey
Blues Run the Game (Expanded Deluxe Edition)
10:36 PM
Murdoch (Album Version)
On The Shore
10:41 PM
Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Feminine Animation
Yellow Sunshine Explosion
10:46 PM
Catherine Ribeiro & 2Bis
Soeur de Race
Catherine ribeiro + 2bis
Disques Festival
10:49 PM
Duncan Browne
Chloe in the Garden
Give Me, Take You
Charly Immediate
10:54 PM
The Saffron Sect
Wilds of the North
Phosphorous Flash
Fig Records
10:57 PM
Tom Rapp
Fourth Day of July
Blue Thumb records
11:05 PM
Erkin Koray
Karli Daglar
Elektronik Türküler
Doğan Music
11:09 PM
The Way
11:13 PM
Maitreya Kali
Color Fantasy
Akashic Records
11:17 PM
Bread, Love and Dreams
Circle of the Night
Amaryllis - EP (Remastered)
SC2 Music
11:20 PM
Number Nine Bread Street
North Country Cinderella
Number Nine Bread Street
11:22 PM
Over the Hills
11:25 PM
The Well
Pagan Folk
11:35 PM
Julie Covington
Queen Of Lights
The Beautiful Changes
Parlophone UK
11:36 PM
The Saddhu Brand
I Give You Johnnée The Truth
Whole Earth Rhythm
UNI Records
11:43 PM
Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood
The Look Of Love
Bill Plummer And The Cosmic Brotherhood
Impulse! Records
11:46 PM
Spires That In The Sunset Rise
Sort Sands
Four Winds the Walker
11:52 PM
Soil Binds Breath and Bone
Little Somebody Records

streaming live on every other Monday night at 10pm PDT