KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 20 July 2015 - Frankie Stones and Faun Fables Feature

10:00PM Faun Fables “sleepwalker” from Mother Twilight (2004) on Drag

10:05PM The Sallyangie “Midsummer Night's Happening” from Children Of The Sun (1968) on Castle Music

10:10PM Langsyne “Mignon” from Langsyne (1976) on Dusselton

10:13PM Stone Breath “Where the Crows Go” from The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag (2012) on Deep Water Acres (

10:17PM In Gowan Ring “Limpid Brook” composed by B'eirth from The Folklore of the Moon volume 3- Flower Moon (2005) on Some Dark Holler/Hand Eye (

10:22PM Magna Carta “Elizabethan” from Seasons (1970) on Vertigo

10:25PM Lasher Keen “Tales From The Well Of Wyrd” from Berkerker (2012) on Lasher Keen

10:33PM Faun Fables “O My Stars” from O My Stars on not yet

10:37PM Mellow Candle “Heaven Heath” from Swaddling Songs (1972) on Deram

10:40PM Vulcan's Hammer “Crazy Man Michael” composed by traditional from The Two Magicians (2006) on Kissing Spell (

10:45PM Dulcimer “The Planters Cottage” from Room for Thought (1992) on Background

10:50PM Yellow Autumn “Wooden Table Fable” from Children of the Mist (1977) on Vala Publishing (

10:59PM Faun Fables “I'd Like to Be” from The Transit Rider (2006) on Drag

11:04PM Catherine Ribeiro & 2Bis “Soeur de race” from Catherine ribeiro + 2bis (1969) on Disques Festival

11:07PM Ex Reverie “Wooden Sword” from The Door Into Summer (2008) on Language of Stone

11:12PM Peter Scion “In the forest” composed by Peter Scion from Devachan (1997) on Domestica

11:18PM Daemonia Nymphe “Summoning Pan” composed by Daemonia Nymphe from The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs - Tyrvasia (2005) on Prikosnovénie (

11:25PM Peter Howell & John Ferdinando “Jabberwocky” from Alice Through the Looking Glass (1969) on Tenth Planet

11:29PM Book of AM “Enchanted Bard” from Can Am Des Puig - The Book Of AM, Pts. I & II (2006) on Wah-Wah Records Sound

11:37PM Frankie Stones “Manufactured Light” from Rampant Illness (2015) 

11:42PM Frankie Stones “Anyway” from Rampant Illness (2015) 

11:47PM Hush Arbors “Gypsy Wood” from Under Bent Limb Trees (2007) on Digitalis Recordings (

11:51PM The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree “The Blackthorn Tree” from The Mildew Leaf (2003) on Deserted Village (

11:55PM Faun Fables “joshua” from Family Album (2004) on Drag

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 6 July 2015

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Cancer- The Moonchild” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM King Crimson “Moonchild including The Dream and The Illusion” composed by King Crimson from In The Court of the Crimson King (1969) on Island Records

10:15PM The Story “Down to the Trees” from Tale Spin (2006) on Sunbeam Records

10:18PM Donovan “maria” composed by Donovan from Old Fashioned Picture Book (1970) 

10:21PM Clive's Original Band “Evening Air” composed by Clive Palmer from Spirit of Love (1971) on CBS

10:25PM Thistletown “labyrinth” from Rosemarie (2008) on Big Bertha

10:29PM Faun Fables “Old and Light” from Family Album (2004) on Drag

10:33PM The Chapin Sisters “let Me Go” from Lake Bottom LP (2008) on Plain Recordings

10:38PM Benny Soebardja & Lizard “Candle Light” from Benny Soebardja & Lizard (2012) on Strawberry Rain — Recorded In 1975

10:41PM Bojoura “Black Sheep Child” from The beauty of Bojoura (1970) on CBS

10:43PM Marissa Nadler “desire” from July (2014) on Sacred Bones Records

10:49PM July “Dandelion Seeds” from July (1968) on Epic

10:53PM Malicorne “La pernette” from Colin (1974) on Hexagone

11:00PM Shocking Blue “Hot Sand” from Shocking Blue: Greatest Hits (2001) on Red Bullet Productions

11:03PM Jason Crest “Turquoise Tandem Cycle” from Collected Works (1968) on Wooden Hill (

11:07PM Avaric “Nous Étions Trois Camarades” from Avaric (1979) on Oxygene

11:12PM Bachdenkel “Equals” from Lemmings (1973) on Philips

11:17PM Changes “Fire of Life” from Fire of Life (1996) on Tesco Distribution Germany

11:22PM Steve Ashley “Silly Summer Games” from Stroll On (1974) on Gull

11:27PM Amber “Earlie in the Morning” from Pearls of Amber (1971) on Unknown 

11:30PM Shide & Acorn “summer” from Princess of the Island (1994) on Kissing Spell (

11:34PM Moonkyte “Way Out Hermit” from Count Me Out (1971) on Mother

11:38PM Panbers “Haai” from Volume 1 (1972) on Mesra

11:42PM Tuca “Chantecler” from Meu Eu (1966) on Simplicidade

11:45PM Haymarket Square “funeral” from Magic Lantern (1968) on Chaparral Records

11:54PM The Owl Service “The Dorset Hanging Oak” from A Garland of Song (2008) on Southern

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 22 June 2015 - Summer Solstice and Guest Eric Conley

10:00PM Anne Briggs “Summer's In” from Sing a Song for You (1996) on Fledg'ling

10:06PM Oberon “summertime” from A Midsummer Night's Dream (1971) on Akarma

10:12PM T. Rex “Summer Deep” from T. Rex (1970) on Reprise Records

10:14PM Clive Palmer “Oh for Summer” from All Roads Lead to Land (2004) on Communion

10:19PM Extradition “a love song” from Hush (1971) on P-Vine Records

10:24PM Gwydion Pendderwen “The Sun God” from Songs For The Old Religion (1975) on Serpentine Music

10:29PM Mayfly “Symptoms of Summer” from Mayfly (1973) on Ariola

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  Live Music and Interview with Eric Conley ///////////////

11:20PM Birch Book “Stray Summer Song” composed by B'eirth from Songs to the Sun for the Dog Days of Summer (2011) 

11:27PM Mary Oliver “The Summer Day” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press (

11:29PM Arborea “Wayfaring Summer” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

11:32PM Deena Webster “Summer Day Reflection Song” from Tuesday's Child (1968) on Parlophone 

11:35PM Roy Harper “Long Hot Summer's Day” from Today Is Yesterday (2002) on Science Fiction

11:39PM The Sallyangie “Children of the sun” from Children Of The Sun (1968) on Castle Music

11:44PM Keith Christmas “Timeless and Strange” from Timeless & Strange: Selected Tracks (1969-1971) (1971) on B & C Records

11:49PM Just Others “Close Your Eyes to the Sun” from Amalgam (1974) on Riverman Music (

11:52PM Morita Doji “Dazzling Summer” composed by Morita Doji from Good Bye (1975) on Polydor

11:55PM Robin Scott “Song of the Sun” from Woman from the Warm Grass (1969) on Green light

11:58PM Parameter “Sons of Summer” from Galactic Ramble (1971) on Shadoks Music

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 8 June 2015

10:00PM Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson “Pretty Polly” from Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson at Folk City (1990) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

10:05PM Roy Harper “Twelve Hours of Sunset” from Valentine (1974) on Chrysalis

10:11PM Graham Nystrom “Bald Eagle Calls 1” Field recording from a row boat off Whidbey Island. Featuring various feathered friends, but culminating in an amazing display of the crystal, bell-like doppler call of the Bald Eagle. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have captured, and be in the position to share with you, the true sounds of these powerful spirit animals.

10:14PM Leonard Cohen “You Have the Lovers” composed by Leonard Cohen from Canadian Poets 1 (1966) on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

10:17PM Linda Perhacs “dolphin” from Parallelograms (1971) on Kapp

10:20PM Meic Stevens “The Sailor and Madonna” from Outlander (1970) on Warner Bros. Records

10:26PM Donovan “Lady of the Lemon Tree” from Old Fashioned Picture Book (1970) 

10:29PM Lesley Duncan “love song” from Sing Children Sing (1971) on CBS

10:33PM Bermuda Triangle “wind” from Bermuda Triangle (1977) on Winter Solstice Records

10:37PM Sevil & Ayla “Bebek” from Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980 (2010) on Bouzouki Joe Records

10:42PM Jackson C. Frank “Have You Seen the Unicorns” from Blues Run the Game (1965) on Columbia

10:43PM Mariee Sioux “Twin Song” from Gift for the End (2012) on Almost Musique

10:48PM Paul Parrish “Dialogue Of Wind And Lover” from The Forest Of My Mind (1968) on Music Factory

10:52PM Trader Horne “Luke That Never Was” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:57PM Janet and Jak Esim “Ni Pudra Yeva Ni Kolor” from Sephardim Vol 1 (1992) on Global

11:00PM Jean Ritchie “House Carpenter” from British Traditional Ballads in the Southern Mountains, Volume 1 (1960) on Folkways Records

11:05PM Matt Berninger & Andrew Bird “A Lyke Wake Dirge” from A Lyke Wake Dirge - Single on Republic/AMC/Turn

11:10PM Agincourt “dawn” from Fly Away (1970) on H&F Recordings

11:14PM Eighteenth Day of May “Flowers of the Forest” from Eighteenth Day of May (2006) on Ryko/WEA

11:20PM Paul Adolphus “Evening Wind” from The Dawn Wind (1973) on Shadoks (

11:24PM Giorgos Romanos “To Xartino Violi” from O Giorgos Romanos sti Lyra (1970) on Zodiac

11:28PM Dave Waite & Marianne Segal “Miranda In The Sun” from Paper Flowers (2007) on Akarma

11:31PM Lamp of the Universe “Mystic Soul of Heaven” composed by Craig Williamson from Earth, Spirit, & Sky (2006) on Hand/Eye (

11:36PM Circulus “My Body Is Made of Sunlight” from The Lick On the Tip of an Envelope Yet to Be Sent (2008) on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE

11:40PM Providence “stream” from Ever Sense the Dawn (1972) on Threshold

11:44PM Seventh Dawn “Earth's Lullaby” from Surprise (1976) on Fantasy Worlds Unlimited

11:47PM Erkin Koray “Estarabim” from 2 (1981) on Dogan

11:53PM Madden and Harris “The Wind At Eve” from Fools Paradise (1975) on Jasmine Records

11:57PM Jean Ritchie “Barbary Allen” from Jean Ritchie: Ballads from Her Appalachian Family Tradition (2003) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 25 May 2015

10:00PM Ram Saran Nepali “Radio Nepal II” from Harmika Yab Yum: Folk Sounds From Nepal (2005) on Sublime Frequencies (

10:06PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Gemini - The Cool Eye” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:09PM Tyrannosaurus Rex “Wind Quartets” composed by Marc Bolan from Prophets, Seers, Sages and The Angels of the Ages (1968) on Universal UK

10:12PM Linda Perhacs “Delicious” from Parallelograms (1971) on Kapp

10:11PM Ana y Jaime “Dire a Mi Gente” from Es Largo El Camino (1968) on Discos Fuentes (unk)

10:14PM Opo “Green Are Your Eyes” from Fallen Asleep Just Like Papa (1975) on Stoof

10:20PM Green Crown “The Witch in the Well” from Washed in Her Blood (1998) on Harvest Queen Productions

10:29PM Tim Buckley “Song to the Siren” from Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology (2001) on Elektra / Wea

10:33PM Ex Reverie “Clouds? Or Smoke?” composed by Ex Reverie from The Door Into Summer (2008) on Language of Stone

10:40PM Folque “Harpa” from Folque (1974) on Philips

10:43PM Dando Shaft “Kalyope Driver” from Dando Shaft (1971) on Neon (RCA)

10:47PM Stone Angel “Gypsie Laddie-O” from East of the Sun (2004) on Kissing Spell (

10:51PM Darius “Blow my mind” composed by Darius from Darius (1969) on World Sound

10:54PM Buffy Sainte-Marie “Eagle Man/Changing Woman” from Changing Woman (1975) on MCA records

10:58PM Mick Softley “Eagle” from Sunrise (1970) on CBS

11:03PM Chris Britton “Fly With Me” from As I Am (1969) on Page One

11:07PM Kathy Smith “Fly Off With the Wind” from 2 (1971) on Stormy Forest

11:12PM Pip Proud “Eagle-wise” from Eagle-wise (22 Tracks from Australia's Greatest Pop Primitive 1968-69) (1996) on Half A Cow Records

11:14PM Mark Fry & The A Lords “Taking Wing” from I Lived in Trees (2011) on Second Language Music

11:19PM Bridget St John “Fly High (Live)” from Thank You For… (1972) on Cherry Red Records

11:24PM Carolyn Hester “I'm Magic, Man” from Various – Hippie Goddesses (1999) on Goddess Recordings

11:27PM Pan & Regaliz “I can fly” from Pan & Regaliz (1971) on Dimension

11:31PM Marisa Rossi “cinturao de fogo” from Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (2010) on World Psychedelic

11:34PM Kevin Ayers “Gemini Child” from Odd Ditties (1976) on Harvest Heritage

11:38PM Ora “Whitch” from Ora (1969) on Tangerine Records

11:45PM Whysp “Beautiful Creatures” from Whysp (2004) on Yik Yak

11:50PM Bread Love and Dreams “Until She Needs You” from Bread Love and Dreams (1969) on decca

11:55PM Dame Darcy “Silver Dagger” from Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits (2005) on Bop Tart Records

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KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 11 May 2015

10:00PM Indralal / Pancha Narayan “Basant (Music for Spring)” from Folksongs & Sacred Music from Nepal (1999) on Alliance — Recorded March, 1973 - April, 1975

10:04PM Silver Birch “Crazy Man Michael” composed by traditional from Silver Birch (1973) 

10:08PM Kaleidoscope “freefall” from White Faced Lady (1990) on The Kaleidoscope Record Company

10:13PM Sallyangie “Banquet On The Water” from Children of the Sun (1968) on Castle Music

10:18PM Pearls Before Swine “Regions of May” composed by Tom Rapp from One Nation Underground (1967) on ESP Disk

10:22PM Kirill Nikolai “In Which Her Distaste for Noise Music Drew Us Apart” from Alms for St. Clare - Single (2015) on Ho Hum Records (

10:25PM Folkal Point “Lovely Joan” from Folkal Point (1971) on MIDAS

10:27PM Dusty Santamaria “The Rose Tattoo” composed by Dusty Santamaria from Now That I've Stopped Killing... (2014)

10:33PM Marissa Nadler “Birds” composed by Neil Young from Covers Volume II (2011) 

10:36PM Natural Acoustic Band “Dying Bird” from Learning to Live (1972) on RCA 

10:39PM Gordon Wasson “birds” from Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians Of Mexico (1957) on Folkways Records

10:41PM Nick Drake “Bird Flew By” composed by Nick Drake from Second Grace: Alternate Versions And Unreleased Songs (2001)

10:44PM Lambert & Nuttycombe “bird song” from At Home (1970) on A&M Records

10:47PM Bert Jansch “bird song” from Rosemary Lane (1971) on Reprise Records

10:50PM Plants “Birdflowers” from Totem (2006) on Audio Dregs Records (

10:53PM Arborea “wake up, little sparrow” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

10:56PM Stone Breath “The Night Birds Psalm” from The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag (2012) on Deep Water Acres (

11:01PM Arturo Meza “Canto Triste” from No Vayamos A Irnos Sin El Mar (1985) on Gente de México

11:06PM The Poppy Family “Free From The City” from Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1969) on London

11:09PM Burhan Öçal & The Trakya All Stars “Tekirdag Karsilamasi” from Kirklareli Il Siniri (2003) on Doublemoon Records

11:16PM Crystal Stilts “Nature Noir” from Nature Noir (2013) on Sacred Bones Records

11:19PM Chemin Blanc “Alleuze” from Chemin Blanc (1975) on RCA 

11:24PM Shirley Collins “The Queen of May” from False True Lovers (1959) on Fledg'ling

11:26PM Emmet Spiceland “My Lagan Love” from The Emmet Spiceland Album (1977) on Hawk Records

11:30PM Dawnwind “Man of Stars” from Looking Back on the Future (1976) on Sunbeam Records

11:33PM Mike Tingley “Connected To Nothing” from The Abstract Prince (1968) on decca

11:35PM An Dro “Hugh The Graeme” from Les Jeux Sont Faits (1982)

11:40PM Caethua “Playing Dead” composed by Claire Hubbard from Village of the Damned (2008) on Bluesanct (

11:43PM Waterfall “Three Birds” from Three Birds (1979) on Avada

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