DotVV welcomes magic man HAIM KENIG on April 23

Day of the Velvet Voice is both honored and elated to welcome guest dj Haim Kenig to this Monday’s show.  Arriving via unknown transport from Portland via Philadelphia with wax under arm, this KBOO Astral Traveling ‘outernational soundscape’ programmer and pdx soul psyche dj will have you out of your body within 27 minutes of inner eargestion.   In addition to cosmically sharing my borderline Kafkaesque love for Fairfield Parlour’s White Faced Lady audible obelisk and having unimpeachable taste in loose tea, he also loves long walks on the beach.  As one of DotVV’s most faithful devotees, we are thrilled to have him spread the divine psychedelic scripture, waxing nostalgia almost entirely via prophetic 45s…
Levitate to the occasion this Monday at 10pm PT, streaming live on 

Artist: See Foo Plae


  1. aw shucks! can't believe I missed this show, is there any way of getting a chance to listen to it, please?

  2. Hello, hello! It was a good show indeed...Haim is a true vinyl warlock. You can stream it live using the Soundcloud link above. If you have any trouble with that feel free to email me at: and I'd be happy to help you with it. One of these days I will get all of my archived shows posted so they can be listened to at dusk or dawn, today or 47 days from now...
    Thank-you for your comment and your interest in Day of the Velvet Voice.