KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 27 January 2020

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song of the Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:03 PM Mort Garson "Aquarius - The Lover Of Life" from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds 1967 on elektra

10:07 PM Emerald Web "Flight of the Raven" from Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales 1976 on Stargate

10:10 PM Bert Sommer "Jennifer" from The Road to Travel 1969 on Capitol Records

10:13 PM Cathie O'Sullivan "Song of Artesian Water" from Artesian Waters 1980 on Larrikin Records

10:17 PM White Magic "What I See" from Dat Rosa Mel Apibus 2006 on Drag City Inc.

10:21 PM Horse Cult "Into the Trees - Battle Witch" from One Curious Night 2019 on

10:30 PM Nick Drake "Day Is Done" from Five Leaves Left 1970 on Universal Music

10:37 PM Gillian McPherson "It's My Own Way" from Poets And Painters And Performers Of Blues 1971 on RCA

10:40 PM Lasher Keen "Fabled Wild Country" from Berserker 2012

10:44 PM Dino Valente "Everything Is Gonna Be OK" from Dino Valente 1968 on EPIC/LEGACY

10:47 PM Mizutani / Les Rallizes Denudes "Kioku Ha Tooi" from No Objection!.........Mizutani 1991 on Zero Mile Records

10:53 PM Ruth White "Owls" from Flowers of Evil 1968 on Rhythms Productions

10:56 PM HAYA樂團 "Ongmanibamai" from Silent Sky 2009 on WIND MUSIC

11:03 PM Cedar Spirts "Growth" from Cedar Spirits 2012 on Glass Throat Recordings ‎

11:10 PM P.F. Sloan "Karma (Study Of Divinations)" from Karma (Study Of Divinations) Single 1967 on Dunhill

11:14 PM Jake Holmes "Genuine Imitation Life" from The Above Ground Sound of Jake Holmes 1967 on Tower

11:18 PM Natalia Doco "La Última Canción" from El Buen Gualicho 2017 on Casa Del Árbol

11:23 PM Robert Lester Folsom "Music and Dreams" from Music and Dreams 1976 on Abacus Records

11:26 PM Alicia May "My Favorite Stream" from Skinnydipping In The Flowers 1976 on Golden Anchor Records

11:30 PM Futuro Antico "Eco Raga" from Dai Primitivi All'elettronica 1980 on Casal Gajardo Records

11:38 PM John Simon "Rain Song" from John Simon's Album 1971 on Rhino/Warner Bros.

11:42 PM Pip Proud "There Was Melancholy" from Adreneline & Richard 1968 on Half A Cow Records

11:46 PM Myriam Gendron "Solace" from Not so Deep as a Well 2014 on Mama Bird Recording Co.

11:51 PM International Harvester "Skördetider (Bonus)" from Sov Gott Rose-Mari 1976 on Silence Records

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