KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 13 January 2020 ~ Wolf Moon, Snow Soon

10:00 PM Donovan "New Year's Resolution" from Open Road 1970 on Epic

10:05 PM The Zodiac "Capricorn - The Uncapricious Climber" from Cosmic Sounds 1967 on Rhino/Elektra

10:09 PM Donovan "Moon In Capricorn" from The Minstrel 1970 on unofficial release

10:12 PM Magna Carta "White Snow Dove" from Songs From Wastie's Orchard 1971 on Vertigo

10:14 PM Green "Footprints in the Snow" from Green 1969 on Atco

10:17 PM Midwinter "All Things Are Quite Silent" from The Waters of Sweet Sorrow 1973 on Kissing Spell

10:20 PM Jan and Lorraine "Snow Roses" from Gypsy People 1969 on Akarma

10:23 PM June Tabor "The Month of January" from Abyssinians 1984 on Shanachie Entertainment

10:29 PM Anne Briggs "The Snow It Melts The Soonest" from A Collection 1999 on Topic

10:33 PM Mary Oliver "Lonely White Fields" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:34 PM Hunter Muskett "Snow" from Every Time You Move 1973 on Bradleys Records

10:37 PM Pearls Before Swine "Snow Queen" from Beautiful Lies You Could Live In 2005 on Rhino/Warner Records

10:41 PM Leonard Cohen "Winter Lady" from Songs of Leonard Cohen 1967 on Columbia

10:43 PM Ralph McTell "Wait Until the Snow" from My Side of Your Window 1969 on Sanctuary

10:46 PM Satya Sai Maitreya Kali "Ice and Snow" from Apache/Inca 2000 on Shadoks Music

10:50 PM Comus "Winter Is a Coloured Bird" from Song to Comus: The Complete Collection on Sanctuary Records

11:01 PM Storyteller "First Week In January" from Storyteller 1970 on Transatlantic Records

11:05 PM John Renbourn & Robin Williamson "The Snows" from Wheel of Fortune 1993 on Sanctuary

11:10 PM The Yankee Dollar "Winter Boy" from The Yankee Dollar 1968 on Dot Recrods

11:13 PM Nico "Roses In The Snow" from The Marble Index 1970 on Elektra Records

11:17 PM Mountain Ash Band "A Long Winter, part 1 and 2" from The Hermit 1975 on Witches Bane

11:23 PM Judy Henske & Jerry Yester "Snowblind" from Farewell Aldebaran (Remastered) 1969 on TTW

11:26 PM Earth Opera "All Winter Long" from The Great American Eagle Tragedy 1969 on elektra

11:35 PM Kitchen Cynics "Games for a Winter's Evening" from Master Of The Fuzzy Fadeout 2004 on Les Enfants Du Paradiddle

11:40 PM Molybden "Wolf Brother" from Long Lance 2016 on Punctum Records

11:43 PM Still Light "Hour of the Wolf" from Lything 2009 on Apollolaan Recordings

11:46 PM Storyteller "Wolf in the Water" from Storyteller 1970 on Transatlantic Records

11:49 PM Lisa Thiel and Ani Williams "Wolf Chant" from Sisters of the Dream 1997 on White Wing Visions

11:51 PM Thayer Sarrano "The Wolf" from Lift Your Eyes to the Hills 2012 on Thayer Sarrano

11:56 PM Perry Leopold "And Then, the Snow Came" from Experiment in Metaphysics 1970 on Gear Fab Records

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