KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice with DJ Coloured Glass playlist 4 April 2014- BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE

Small Faces “Happiness Stan” from Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (CD, 1968) on Immediate

The Accent “Red Sky At Night”

Sharon Tandy & The Fleur De Lys “Daughter Of The Moon” from

The Savage Rose “Long Before I Was Born” from In the Plain (1968) on Universal Music A/S

Masters Apprentices “Wars Or Hands of Time” from

Can “Moon Shake”

Jacco Gardner “Watching The Moon” from Cabinet Of Curiosities (LP, 2013) on Trouble In Mind Records

Jacco Gardner “A House On The Moon” from

The Saffron Sect “Milk of the Stars” from Phosphorous Flash (CD, 2010) on Fig Records

Amps for Christ “Moondog” from Circuits (LP, 2012) on Water Wing Records

Sleepy “Rosie Can't Fly” from Justafixation

Cocteau Twins “Throughout the Dark Months of April and May” from Victorialand (1985) on 4AD

Shirley & Dolly Collins “The Moon Shines Bright” from For As Many As Will (LP, 1978) on Topic

Linda Perhacs “Moons and Cattails” from Parallelograms (LP, 1971) on Kapp

Nigel Mazlyn Jones “How High The Moon” from Ship to Shore

Phantasia “I Talk To The Moon” from Phantasia

Bruce Haack “National Anthem to the Moon” from The Electric Lucifer on Mississippi

Stranded Horse “Jolting Moon” from Humbling Tides (2011) on Talitres Records

Espers “Another Moon Song” from Espers III (2009) on Drag City

Feathers “Past the Moon” from Feathers (MP3, 2006) on Gnomonsong

Sharron Kraus “Moonbathing” from Beautiful Twisted (CD)

Thistletown “The Moon Is a Pearl” from Rosemarie (CD, 2008) on Big Bertha

Dyad “Red Moon” from No Pedlars Or Preachers

Donovan “The Voyage of the Moon” from HMS Donovan

The Incredible String Band “Waltz of the New Moon” from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968) on elektra

Alasdair Roberts “I Fell In Love” from Farewell Sorrow on Drag City

Nigel Mazlyn Jones “Frozen Waves” from Ship to Shore

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