KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice with DJ Coloured Glass playlist 31 March 2014

The Fairytale “Guess I Was Dreaming” from Rubble Volume 11: Adventures In The Mist

Catherine Ribeiro & 2 Bis “Voyage 1” from Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis (LP, 1969) on Disques Festival

Melanie Safka “People In The Front Row” from

Al Stewart “Electric Los Angeles Sunset” from Zero She Flies

Richard Twice “If I Knew You Were The One” from Richard Twice (2011) on Start Entertainments Limited

Mellow Candle “Reverend Sisters” from Swaddling Songs (LP, 1972) on Deram

Alasdair Roberts “Master Kilby” from The Crook Of My Arm on Secretly Canadian

Alasdair Roberts “Carousing” from Farewell Sorrow on Drag City

Alasdair Roberts “Come, My Darling Polly” from Farewell Sorrow on Drag City

The Owl Service “I Was A Young Man” from The View From A Hill on Stone Tape Recordings

The Owl Service “Sorry The Day I Was Married” from The View From A Hill on Stone Tape Recordings

The Koobas “Royston Rose” from Koobas

The Smoke “Sidney Gill” from It's Smoke Time (CD, 2008) on Morgan Blue Town

July “Dandelion Seeds” from July (1968) on Epic

The Fox “Hey! Mr. Carpenter” from Rubble Volume 17: A Trip In A Painted World

The 23rd Turnoff “Michaelangelo” from Rubble Volume 12: Staircase To Nowhere

The Peep Show “Mazy” from We Can Fly Vol. 1

The Neat Change “I Lied To Auntie May” from We Can Fly Vol. 1

Tomorrow “Strawberry Fields Forever” from TOMORROW (1999) on Emi UK

The Mickey Finn “Garden Of My Mind” from

The Open Mind “Magic Potion” from The Open Mind (2010) on Sunbeam Records

Status Quo “Technicolor Dreams” from Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo (2003) on Sanctuary

Les Goths “Turn Over” from Turn Over

Paper Blitz Tissue “Boy Meets Girl” from Chocolate Soup for Diabetics

Trees “Fool” from On the Shore (LP, 1970) on Columbia

The Poets “In Your Tower” from The Great British Psychedelic Trip Vol 1 on Decal

Lavender Grove “Lavender Grove” from Lavender Grove

Andy Ellison/John's Children “Arthur Green” from A Midsummer Night's Scene on Bam-Caruso

Fotheringay “Two Weeks Last Summer” from "2"

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