KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 3 May 2021

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song of the Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:04 PM The Tannahill Weavers "Bonnie was Yon Rosie Briar" from The Old Woman's Dance 1978 on Plant Life

10:11 PM Anne Briggs "Gathering Rushes In the Month of May" from A Collection

10:15 PM Parke "Three Ravens" from Joy, health, love and peace 1972

10:19 PM Catherine Braslavsky "Kaddosh / Sanctus" from Chartres - The Path of the Soul

10:22 PM The Coterie "Scarborough Fair-Canticle" from A Swing To Folk (Expanded Edition) 1969

10:27 PM Lasher Keen "The Promised Voyage" from The Middle Kingdom 2015 on

10:37 PM Marissa Nadler "Mayflower May" from Ballads of Living and Dying 2004 on My Kung Fu

10:40 PM Strawbs "Canon Dale" from From the Witchwood 1971 on A&M Records

10:44 PM S. McLoughlin "The Fox Moth" from Garden of Mirrors/Supernatural Lancashire Volume Two 2013 on Finders Keepers Records

10:46 PM J.P. Sunshine "Hand In Hand" from J.P. Sunshine 1987 on Acid Tapes

10:48 PM Sandy Denny "They Don’t Seem to Know You" from Sandy Denny - Complete Edition 2010

10:51 PM Perry Leopold "The 35Th Of May" from Experiment in Metaphysics 1970 on Gear Fab Records

10:57 PM Kevin Coyne "White Horse" from Case History 1972 on Dandelion Records

11:00 PM Synanthesia "Minerva" from Synanthesia

11:04 PM The Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band "The Woodgathering Man" from Songs And Tales From Greenwood Edge 1975

11:07 PM Green Man "Salisbury Plain" from What Ails Thee? 1975 on Green Man

11:11 PM Fresh Maggots "The House Carpenter" from Sumer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British And Irish Folk 1966-75 2020

11:14 PM Mary O'Hara "The Song Of Glendun" from A Song For Ireland

11:18 PM Mighty Baby "Virgin Spring" from A Jug Of Love 1971 on Blue Horizon

11:26 PM Simon Finn "Where's Your Master Gone" from Pass the Distance 1970 on Mushroom

11:30 PM Pearls Before Swine "Regions of May" from One Nation Underground 1967 on ESP-Disk

11:34 PM Katerina Papadopoulou, Christina Pluhar & L'Arpeggiata "Amygdalaki tsakisa" from Mediterraneo 2013 on Virgin Classics

11:39 PM Tony Hatch "Morning Dew" from Hatchbox: The Original Album Collection

11:42 PM Dry Heart "Cabin On The Clifftop" from Dry Heart 1970

11:46 PM Horden Raikes "Mad Tom of Bedlam" from Horden Raikes 1972 on Cherry Red Records

11:50 PM Andrew King "May Song" from The Bitter Harvest 1998 on Epiphany

11:53 PM Parameter "Virgin Childe" from Galactic Ramble 1971 on Shadoks Music

11:54 PM Adam Hurst "Evensong" from From Silence 2010 on Ash Records

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