KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 18 Novembre 2019

10:00 PM The Hackles "Dreamer" from A Dobritch Did As a Dobritch Should 2019 on Jealous Butcher Records

10:05 PM Bonnie Dobson "Once My True Love" from At Folk City 1962 on Prestige International

10:09 PM Michael Hurley "Troubled Waters" from Armchair Boogie 1971 on Warner Bros.

10:11 PM Josephine Foster "Eternity" from Faithful Fairy Harmony 2018 on Fire Records

10:15 PM Lea Nicholson "All Through the Beer" from Horsemusic 1971 on Trailer

10:17 PM The Sallyangie "Banquet on the Water" from Children Of The Sun 1968 on Castle Music

10:22 PM Bob Theil "Who Are We Now" from So Far 1982 on Not On Label (Bob Theil Self-released)

10:32 PM Anne Briggs "Blackwater Side" from Anne Briggs 1971 on Topic Records

10:36 PM Mortimer "Where Dragons Guard the Doors" from Phillips 1968 on Rev-Ola

10:40 PM The Hackles "Dominoes" from A Dobritch Did As a Dobritch Should 2019 on Jealous Butcher Records

10:43 PM Jack Hardy "Now We Are Three" from Jack Hardy 1971 on Great Divide Records

10:47 PM Trees "Streets of Derry" from On the Shore 1970 on CBS

10:59 PM Beyaz Kelebekler "Esmerim" from Turkish Freakout! 2010 on Bouzouki Joe Records

11:04 PM Arborea "Red Bird" from Arborea 2008 on Fire Museum Records

11:07 PM Traveling Bell "Calm In Trees" from Scatter Ways 2008 on Secret Eye Records

11:10 PM Donovan "Poor Cow" from Donovan In Concert (Live) 2009 on Epic/Legacy

11:13 PM Julie Felix "The Hedgehog's Song" from This World Goes Round & Round

11:18 PM Evensong "Sweetbriar Road" from Evensong 1973

11:22 PM The Humblebums "Look Over the Hills and Far Away" from The Humblebums 1969 on liberty

11:26 PM Bob Desper "Darkness Is Like a Shadow" from New Sounds 1974 on Rose City Sound Records

11:32 PM Marissa Nadler "Heart Paper Lover" from Little Hells 2009 on Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

11:36 PM Atalyja "Sauliula" from Atalyja 2001 on Atalyja

11:42 PM Giorgos Romanos "The Fantastic Doctor" from Two Little Blue Horses 1970 on zodiac

11:45 PM Thistletown "Under the Trees" from Rosemarie 2007 on Big Bertha

11:52 PM Josephine Foster "The Way Is Sweetly Mown" from Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You 2005 on Fire Records

11:55 PM Michael Hurley "the Moon Song" from Bad Mr. Mike on Mississippi Records

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