KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 9 Septembre 2019

10:00 PM Tim Buckley "Song Of The Magician" from Tim Buckley 1966 on Rhino/Elektra

10:05 PM Buffy Sainte-Marie "Eagle Man/Changing Woman" from Changing Woman 1971 on MCA Records

10:08 PM Leonard Cohen "A Thousand Kisses Deep" from 2009-2-19 Live in New York City 2009

10:10 PM Mariee Sioux "Twin Song" from Gift for the End on Almost Musique

10:15 PM A Hawk and a Hacksaw "Our Lady Of The Vlatva" from Darkness At Noon 2005 on The Leaf Label

10:18 PM Linda Perhacs "Dolphin" from Parallelograms 1970 on Kapp

10:20 PM Perry Leopold "Vespers" from Christian Lucifer 1973 on Gear Fab

10:29 PM Tim Buckley "Once I was" from Dream Letter 1990 on Manifesto Records

10:35 PM Veronique Chalot "L'empoisonneuse" from J'ai vu le loup 1978 on Materiali Sonori

10:45 PM Mary Oliver "Roses, Late Summer" from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver 2006 on Beacon Press

10:46 PM Dana Westover "Whisper" from Memorial to Fear 1972 on Wolf Music Recordings

10:48 PM Meg Baird "Stars Climb Up the Vine" from Seasons On Earth 2011 on Wichita Recordings

10:55 PM Gandalf "Me About You" from Gandalf on Capitol Records

11:01 PM Fit & Limo "Salad Song" from The Serpent Unrolled ‎ 1998 on September Gurls

11:05 PM Mr. Fox "House Carpenter" from The Gipsy 1971 on Transatlantic Records

11:10 PM Trees "Fool" from On the Shore 1970 on Columbia

11:16 PM James Yorkston "Us Late Travellers" from The Year of the Leopard 2006 on Domino Recording Co. LTD

11:22 PM Nick Drake and Mick Audsley "Dark and Devil Waters" from Dark and Devil Waters 1973 on Sonet

11:25 PM Milkwood Tapestry "Sunday Raindrops" from Milkwood Tapestry 1969 on Metromedia Records

11:29 PM Dungen "S├Ątt Att Se" from 4 2010 on Kemado Records

11:39 PM The Green Pajamas "The First Rains of September" from The Complete Book of Hours 2010 on Green Monkey Records

11:43 PM Will O' the Wisp "Summer of Life" from Will-O-The Wisp 1999 on Action Records

11:49 PM Faraway Folk "summer's end" from Seasonal Man 1975 on RA

11:53 PM Andrew Bird "Carrion Suite" from Useless Creatures

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