KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 17 July 2017

10:00PM Ben Ballinger “Astoria” from Fabrication (2010) on Ben Ballinger

10:05PM Forest “Bluebell Dance” from Full Circle (1970) on Harvest

10:09PM Marie Celeste “summertime” from And Then Perhaps (1971) on Audio Archives

10:13PM Number Nine Bread Street “North Country Cinderella” from Number Nine Bread Street (1967) on Holyground

10:16PM Trader Horne “Jenny May” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

10:19PM Marissa Nadler “Dying Breed” from Songs III: Bird on the Water (2007) on Kemado Records

10:23PM Paul Giovanni “Willow's Song” from The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) (1973) on Silva Screen Records

10:28PM Tim Buckley “Sing a Song for You (Take 11)” composed by Tim Buckley / Larry Beckett from Works in Progress (1999) on Rhino/Elektra

10:34PM Ben Ballinger “midnight” from Fabrication (2010) on Ben Ballinger

10:39PM Golden Arrow “Love Me” from Golden Arrow (2016) on Golden Arrow —

10:42PM Roselit Bone “Blister Steel” from Blister Steel (2017) on Friendship Fever —

10:46PM Chuck Westmoreland “There's a Pattern In the Blood” from Chuck Westmoreland (2016) on Black and Gold —

10:50PM Travis Champ “Stack O'Lee” from Oh Athens (2017) on self released —

10:53PM Miss Lana Rebel & Kevin Michael Mayfield “Need to Roam” from A Real Subtle Beauty (2013)

10:56PM Roselit Bone “My First Name” from Blister Steel (2017) on Friendship Fever —

10:59PM The Dumpies “Blow Myself (Up in the Ocean)” from Blow Myself (Up in the Ocean) (2017) —

11:02PM Golden Arrow “untitled” —

11:15PM Ben Ballinger “Lovers Ledge” from Fabrication (2010) on Ben Ballinger

11:19PM Gandalf “nature boy” composed by eden ahbez from Gandalf (1967) on Capitol (Unknown)

11:22PM Bobby Brown “Axonda” from Enlightening Beam of Axonda (1972) on Destiny Records

11:26PM Paul Parrish “Dialogue of Wind and Lover” from The Forest Of My Mind (1968) on Music Factory

11:30PM Folkal Point “Sweet Sir Galahad” from Folkal Point (1971) on MIDAS

11:34PM Gentle Soul “renaissance” from Gentle Soul (1968) on Sundazed Music Inc

11:38PM Paul Adolphus “Zandala” from The Dawn Wind (1973) on Shadoks (

11:43PM Mary-Anne “Wandering so Far” from Me (1970) on President Records Ltd

11:46PM Tarnation “Lonely Lights” from Gentle Creatures (1995) on 4AD

11:49PM Cheryl Dilcher “high” from Butterfly (1973) on A&M Records

11:53PM Affinity “United States of Mind” from Affinity (1970) on Vertigo/Paramount

11:57PM Golden Arrow “Where it's At” from Golden Arrow (2016) on Golden Arrow —

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