KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 24 April 2017

10:00PM Dusty Santamaria “The American Muse” composed by Dusty Santamaria from Now That I've Stopped Killing... (2014)

10:04PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Taurus - The Voluptuary” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:08PM Pearls Before Swine “Images of April” composed by Tom Rapp from Balaklava (1969) on ESP Disk

10:11PM Linda Perhacs “Moons and Cattails” from Parallelograms (1971) on Kapp

10:15PM Bert Jansch “Dreams of Love” from Bert Jansch (1965) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) (Unknown)

10:17PM Collie Ryan “it's Gonna Rain” from Indian Harvest (1973) on Rainbow Recording

10:21PM Perry Leopold “the journey” composed by Perry Leopold from Christian Lucifer (1973) on Gear Fab Records ((reissued from 1970))

10:28PM Susan Christie “rainy day” from Paint a Lady (2006) on Finders Keepers (

10:31PM Moonstone “Focus” composed by Moonstone from Moonstone (1973) on Kot'Ai

10:36PM Mary Oliver “In the Evening, in the Pinewoods” composed by Mary Oliver from Many Miles: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2010) on Beacon Press (

10:37PM Ex Reverie “Clouds? Or Smoke?” composed by Ex Reverie from The Door Into Summer (2008) on Language of Stone

10:43PM Buffy Sainte-Marie “The Dream Tree” from Illuminations (1969) on Vanguard Records

10:46PM Asteriadh Poph - Pappas Lakhs “Matia Mou, Matia Skalista” from Paei ki auth h kuriakh (Another Sunday Gone) (1971) on Zodiac

10:50PM Roy Harper “Black Clouds” from Today Is Yesterday (2002) on Science Fiction — Tracks 1-9 : part of a demo recorded 1964/65 which resulted in Roy Harper's first recording contract. Recorded on an old mono Ferrograph quarter inch tape machine.

10:55PM Dusty Santamaria “Decatur” composed by Dusty Santamaria from Excerpt from Day of the Velvet Voice 23rd February 2015 (2015) on — original version on: Existential Detective Rock n Roll

11:10PM Robin Scott “The Sound of Rain” from Woman from the Warm Grass (1969) on Green light

11:14PM Feathers “raindrops” from Something's Wrong With Feathers (2006) on Feathers Family (

11:18PM Mandrake Memorial “Bird Journey” from The Mandrake Memorial (1968) on Poppy

11:21PM OPMC “I'll Just Sit Here And Dream” from Amalgamation (1970) on Pink Elephant — aka- Oldest Professional Music Company

11:27PM Shirley Collins “The foggy Dew” from False True Lovers (1959) on Fledg'ling

11:30PM Robin Williamson “Through the Horned Clouds” from Myrrh (1972) on Island Records

11:36PM Arborea “rain” from Wayfaring Summer (2006) on Summer Street Records

11:39PM Will-O'-The-Wisp “Hew A Dream In The Twilight” from Ceremony Of Innocence (2004) on W O W Records

11:45PM Graham Dodsworth “Flowers of the Forest” from In Good King Arthur's Day (1993) on NewMarket Music

11:50PM Emtidi “Long, Long Journey” from Emtidi (1970) on Thorofon

11:55PM Dusty Santamaria “Uh-huh” from Excerpt from Day of the Velvet Voice 23rd February 2015 (2015) on

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