KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 23 February 2015 - Poetry with Simon del Valle. Live Music and interview with Dusty Santamaria

And through the door pushed the unsuspecting possibility, met with eyes that prayed for sound and dark ash, scent and begging scar, ardent red and lucid halflight.  Him dripping in poetry, her damp in evening fog.  A voyeur of life, she knows, and so cast her own eyes downward in silent gratitude of another sent to read to her.

10:00PM Dusty Santamaria “City of Night” from Existential Detective Rock N Roll (2013) on Emphasis 
Music Group

10:06PM Tim Buckley “the river” composed by Tim Buckley from Blue Afternoon (1969) on Straight

10:12PM Deena Webster “The House of the rising Sun” from Tuesday's Child (1968) on Parlophone 

10:16PM Grupo Água “La semilla” from Transparencia (1978) on Som Livre (

10:20PM Leonard Cohen “You Have the Lovers” composed by Leonard Cohen from Canadian Poets 1 (1966) on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

10:24PM Evensong “Gypsie” from Evensong (1973)

10:27PM Perry Leopold “U.S.S. Commercial” from Experiment in Metaphysics (1970) on Gear Fab Records

///  Poetry with Simon del Valle  

///   Interview and Live Music with Dusty Santamaria 

11:55PM Julie Covington “My Silks and Fine Array” composed by William Blake from The Beautiful Changes (1971) on EMI Columbia

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