KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 24 June 2014 - Live Set with Bee of Birch Book/In Gowan Ring

10:00PM Birch Book “Zephyr through Willows” composed by B'eirth from Fortune & Folly (2007) on helmet room recordings (

10:06PM Clive's Orignal Band “Oh Bright Eyed One” composed by Clive Palmer from Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers Of The Sacred Heart (1972) on Polydor

10:10PM Nick Drake “Clothes of Sand” composed by Nick Drake from Made to Love Magic (2004) on Island

10:14PM Silver Birch “Crazy Man Michael” composed by Traditional from Silver Birch (1973) 

10:18PM Donovan “The Song of Wandering Aengus” composed by words by W.B. Yeats, arranged by Donovan from HMS (1971) on Dawn

10:23PM Tim Buckley “Phantasmagoria In Two (Live)” from Dream Letter - Live In London 1968 (2011) on Manifesto Records

...........Live Set with Bee of Birch Book/In Gowan Ring 

11:00PM Novemthree “Soil Binds Breath and Bone” from Renewing (2014) on Little Somebody Records

11:08PM Lasher Keen “Coven of the Witch's Knife” from Wither (2009) on self released

...........Live Set with Bee of Birch Book/In Gowan Ring

11:45PM Faun Fables “Old and Light” from Family Album (2004) on Drag City

11:50PM Ekstasis “clouds” from The Book of Longing (2014) on self released

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