KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 16 Septembre 2013

10:00PM Storyteller “Story” from Storyteller (1970) on Transatlantic Records

10:02PM Loudest Whisper “PIED PIPER” from Loudest Whisper 2 (1995) on Kissing Spell/ Erewhon

10:07PM Strawbs & Sandy Denny “Two Weeks Last Summer” from Sandy Denny And The Strawbs (1991) on Hannibal Records — originally recorded in 1967

10:10PM Folkal Point “Sweet Sir Galahad” from Folkal Point (1971) on MIDAS

10:14PM Bert Jansch “I Have No Time” from Bert Jansch (1965) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

10:17PM Traveling Bell “You Are My Blood” from Scatter Ways (2008) on Secret Eye Records (

10:22PM Amps for Christ “Moondog” from Circuits (2012) on Water Wing Records (

10:24PM Stone Harbour “summer magic is gone” from Emerges (2008) on Lion Productions, Hallucinations

10:27PM Dando Shaft “September Wine” from An Evening With (1971) on Neon (RCA)

10:30PM Paper Bubble “Mother Mother Mother” from SCENERY (1969) on Deram

10:33PM Madden and Harris “Cool September” from Fools Paradise (1975) on Jasmine Records

10:34PM Mary Oliver “Roses, Late Summer” composed by Mary Oliver from At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver (2006) on Beacon Press (

10:38PM Marissa Nadler “Summer Of Love Is Over” from Ivy And The Clovers (2007) on Eclipse Records

10:43PM Dresden Sextett “An Einem Tag Im September” from Amiga A Go-Go Vol.2 Deutsch-Demokratischer Beat (2000) on AMIGA

10:48PM Jackson C. Frank “The Visit” from Blues Run the Game (Expanded Deluxe Edition) (2003) on Sanctuary Records Fontana

10:54PM Dave Waite & Marianne Segal “September Song” from Paper Flowers (2007) on Akarma — (reissue)

10:57PM Storyteller “Over the Hills” from Storyteller (1970) on Transatlantic Records

11:01PM Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty “A Visit With Ashiya” from Things (1968) on Shamley

11:05PM Subway “All The Good Things” from Subway (1972) on Epic

11:10PM Trader Horne “Three Rings for Eleven Kings” from Morning Way (1970) on Arkama

11:14PM Langsyne “Carnivore” from Langsyne (1976) on Dusselton

11:19PM David Wiffen “You Dont Know My Mind” from Live At The Bunkhouse Coffeehouse (1965) on International Records New York

11:22PM Glenn Faria “Summer's Gone” from Glenn Faria (1976) on private release 

11:27PM The Green Pajamas “The First Rains of September” from The Complete Book of Hours (2010) on Green Monkey Records

11:32PM Steve Ashley “Farewell Green Leaves” from Stroll On (1974) on Gull

11:37PM Bread Love and Dreams “Artificial Light” from Bread Love and Dreams (1969) on decca

11:41PM Ant Trip Ceremony “Riverdawn” from 24 Hours (2008) on Cicadelic Records (recorded in 1968)

11:44PM Chettini and the Turkish Trio “Mirage” from Oriental Soul (1972) on Riviera

11:47PM Faraway Folk “Summer's End” from Seasonal Man (1975) on RA

11:50PM Saffron Summerfield “SEPTEMBER” from Fancy Meeting You Here (1978) on Mother Earth Records

11:54PM Rake the Fonts “September, 6 (We're Still here)” from Old School Troubadour (2010) on self released

11:57PM Meg Baird “Song For Next Summer” from Seasons On Earth (2011) on Wichita Recordings

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