KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 29 July 2013

10:00PM Tim Buckley “Song of the Magician” composed by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley (1966) on Rhino/Elektra

10:05PM Kristen Noguès “Enez Rouz” from Marc'h Gouez (1976) on Nevenoe

10:11PM T. Rex “Root of Star” from T. Rex (1970) on Reprise Records

10:14PM Pegasus “Jack Tarr” composed by Traditional from Pegasus (1979) on Universe Productions

10:18PM Sandy Denny “Fhir a' Bhata (The Boatmen)” composed by Traditional from Sandy Denny Live at the BBC (2007) on Universal Island Records Ltd.

10:23PM Jose Gonzalez “Veneer” from Veneer (2005) on Hidden Agenda Records

10:26PM Zachary Cale “Unfeeling” composed by Zachary Cale from Blue Rider (2013) on All Hands Electric Official release date is 24 Septembre

10:31PM Caetano Veloso “Clarice” from Caetano Veloso (1968) on Philips

10:37PM Chimera “Lady With Bullets In Her Hair” from Chimera (2002) on Tenth Planet — reissue

10:41PM The Story “Dappled Stream” from Acrane Rising (2007) on Sunbeam

10:45PM The Incredible String Band “Born In Your Town (The Chelsea Demo Sessions, 1967)” from The Chelsea Sessions 1967 (1997) on Pig's Whisker Music

10:50PM Hossein 'Ali Fallah “Tasnīf Va So 'Āl Va Javāb-e Kemenche” from The Music Of Islām - Volume Twelve: Music Of Iran (1998) on Celestial Harmonies

10:58PM Phil Trainer “LEAVE ME ALONE” from Trainer (1972) on BASF

11:03PM Pererin “Titrwm Tatrwm” from Haul Ar Yr Eira (1980) on Gwerin

11:07PM Julie Covington “For Instance” from The Beautiful Changes (1971) on EMI Columbia

11:10PM Pete Fine “Moo” from On A Day Of Crystaline Thought (2000) on Shadoks Music — reissue

11:16PM Ilous et Decuyper “Berceuse” from Dirty French Psychedelics (2009) on DIRTY SOUND SYSTEM (

11:19PM Baris Manco “Vur Ha Vur” from 2023 (1975) on Yavuz Plak

11:22PM Zachary Cale “Hold Fast” composed by Zachary Cale from Blue Rider (2013) on All Hands Electric Official release date is 24 Septembre

11:27PM Fit & Limo “Dark Star” from The Serpent Unrolled (1998) on September Gurls

11:36PM Peter Howell & John Ferdinando “A-Sitting On The Gate” from Alice Through the Looking Glass (1969) on Tenth Planet

11:41PM Jane Weaver “Like an Aspen Leaf” from Cherlokalate (2007) on Bird

11:44PM Westwind “How Many Stars” from Love Is... (1970) on Penny Farthing

11:47PM Kitchen Cynics “The Weaver Lass” from master of the fuzzy fadeout (2004) on Les Enfants Du Paradiddle (

11:51PM Kevin Ayers “Stars” from Odd Ditties (1976) on Harvest Heritage

11:55PM Agape “La Fin Des Temps” composed by Marc Lebel, Dupéré from Le Troisième Seuil (1972) on Editions RM

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