KMUN Spring 2012 Pledge Drive

KMUN Coast Community Radio needs your support!! Here in the US our current administration would love to ax public radio- which would be absolute blasphemy. Our delicate boat stays afloat and keeps music cascading over the airWAVES because of your heartfelt contributions. If you love Day of the Velvet Voice as much as it loves you please pledge your support so the elixir can continue to pour through your speakers...imbibing you with the freedom of sounds not controlled by mass media and corporate agenda.

To contribute monetarily you can:

Call the radio station: 503-325-0010 / 1-800-518-0010 (US numbers)

Donate online at:

If you can’t contribute with cash please continue to support by listening- that is just as genuine. And be sure to visit: to show your support for all public broadcasting. It is YOUR VOICE!

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