KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 30 January 2012 - Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day, Candlemas

10:00PM Melanie Safka “Candles In The Rain” from Candles In The Rain (1970) on Buddah Records

10:03PM The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds “Aquarius- The Lover of Life” composed by Mort Garson from The Zodiac : Cosmic Sounds (1967) on elektra

10:07PM Steve Ashley “Candlemas Carol” from Stroll On (1974) on Gull

10:11PM Sharron Kraus “Brigid” from The Fox's Wedding (2008) on Durtro/Jnana

10:16PM Midlake “Winter Dies” from The Courage of Others (2010) on Bella Union

10:22PM Roy Harper “Girl From the North Country” composed by Bob Dylan from Live at the Red Lion, Birmingham UK Volume I & II (1984)

10:29PM Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour “All Hail to the Hero” from White Faced Lady (1991) on Kaleidoscope Records

10:35PM Feathers “January Thaw” from Flashing on Love (2006) — recorded live on MIT Radio, Valentine's Day 2006

10:41PM Chimera “Sad Song For Winter” from Chimera (2002) on Tenth Planet

10:45PM The Flying Karpets “WINTER SONG” from The Flying Karpets (1968) on Iguana

10:49PM Hugues Aufray “O Maria” from Garlick (1972) on Atlantic

10:53PM Fever Tree “Unlock My Door” from Fever Tree (1968) on Universal City Records

10:57PM Rainman “Get You To Come Through” from Rainman (1971) on Holland

11:03PM Julie Covington “Winter Kept Us Warm” from The Beautiful Changes (1971) on EMI Columbia

11:07PM Tudor Lodge “It's Cold Outside” from It All Comes Back (1998) on Belle Antique

11:10PM The Collectors “Lydia Purple” from The Collectors (1968) on Warner

11:13PM Loren Connors “Brigid's Song” from Hell's Kitchen Park (1993) on Family Vineyard

11:15PM Curved Air “SITUATIONS” from Air Conditioning (1970) on Warner Bros.

11:22PM Terry Callier “Occasional Rain” from Occasional Rain (1972) on Cadet Records

11:27PM Tim Hardin “Misty Roses” from Tim Hardin 1 (1966) on Verve Forecast

11:30PM Barbara Bell “Candle” from All I Have (1975) on Tennessee

11:34PM Paolo Ferrara “Salgemma” from Profandita (1971) on Horse Shoe Records

11:37PM Circulus “Candlelight” from The Lick On the Tip of an Envelope Yet to Be Sent (2008) on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE

11:41PM Caleb “Woman of Distinction” from Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad / A Woman Of Distinction (1967) on Philips

11:43PM Yankee Dollar “Winter Boy” from Yankee Dollar (1968) on Dot Records

11:46PM Kath “Candleman” from Kath (1975) on Rockadelic

11:50PM Bojoura “Wintertime Love” from The beauty of Bojoura (1970) on CBS

11:52PM Carolanne Pegg “Winter People” from Carolanne (1973) on Transatlantic

11:57PM Geysir “A Candle Weeps” from Hljomsveitin (1974) on Thorns

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