Wahid performing Friday Octobre 14th, 7.30pm at the Astoria Arts and Movement Center

Children of the audible Revolution,
It is with great pleasure, both in this life and in those passed, that I encourage you to attend an aureate evening of sounds that comprise the very stratigraphy of my soul.  Please bring yourself and all you know (and do not know) to the AAMC on 11th and Harrison this Friday Octobre 14th, 7.30pm and hand yourself over to the sapient sounds of the Oud, to the sentient dance of the drum- to the grace that is Wahid.

A review on the new album here

It would please me greatly to see any and all of you there. 

Karakter, bir fotoğraf gibi, karanlıkta geliştirir
Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness
-Yousuf Karsh

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