KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 25 April 2011 - Wine.

10:30PM Roy Harper “In the Time of Water” from Folkjokeopus (1969) on World Pacific

10:33PM In Gowan Ring “Dandelion Wine” composed by B'eirth from Love Charms (1994) on World Serpent (

10:36PM Siluetler “Summer Wine” from Siluetler (1967) on Sayan

10:41PM Gentle Soul “Empty Wine (Woods of a Song)” from Gentle Soul (1968) on Sundazed Music Inc

10:44PM Jan & Lorraine “Break Out the Wine” from Gypsy People (1969) on ABC Records

10:48PM Spirogyra “Old Boot Wine” from A Canterbury Tale - Collection (2005) on Castle Music — reissued in 2005

10:53PM Stone Breath “The Blood Of The Woven-Vine Divinity” from The Poor Minstrels Of Song Vol. Two (2002) on Hand/Eye (

10:57PM Robin Williamson “Bacchus” composed by Jon Balke from The Iron Stone (2006) on ECM Records

11:02PM Clara Engel “O Sailor” from Tender (2008) on Corps-Morts —

11:07PM Melanie “Leftover Wine” composed by Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk from Leftover Wine (1970) on Buddah Records

11:13PM Hunter Muskett “She Takes the Wine” from Every Time You Move (1973) on Bradleys Records

11:19PM Tim Buckley “Driftin'” from Lorca (1970) on Elektra Records

11:28PM Daemonia Nymphe “The Bacchic Dance of the Nymphs” composed by Daemonia Nymphe from Daemonia Nymphe (2009) on Prikosnovénie (

11:35PM The Rolling Stones “Blood Red Wine” from Time Trip Vol. 3 (2001) on Scorpio

11:41PM The Paper Garden “Gypsy Wine” from Paper Garden Presents (1969) on Musicor

11:45PM Belleruche “Ginger Wine” from 270 Stories (2010) on Tru Thoughts

11:49PM My Bloody Valentine “Strawberry Wine” from ecstasy and wine (1989) on lazy records

11:51PM Tommy James & The Shondells “Sweet Cherry Wine” composed by Tommy James and Peter Lucia from Cellophane Symphony (1969) on Roulette Records

10:57PM Lal & Mike Waterson “Red Wine and Promises” from Bright Phoebus (1972) on trailer

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