KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 14-15 March 2011

10:32PM Steeleye Span “When I Was On Horseback” from Ten Man Mop (1971) on Pegasus

10:38PM Selda “Gesi Baglari” from Turkulerimiz 1 (1971) on Majör Müzik

10:42PM Gandalf “Golden Earrings” composed by J. Livingstone / V. Young from Gandalf (1967) on Capitol

10:45PM Asteriadh Poph - Pappas Lakhs “Agriopouli” from Paei ki auth h kuriakh (Another Sunday Gone) (1971) on Zodiac

10:49PM Midwinter “Sanctuary Stone” from The Waters of Sweet Sorrow (1973) on Kissing Spell (

10:54PM Prydwyn “A Maid Walked Slow” from At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin  (1995) on Lordly Nightshade Productions —

11:01PM Perry Leopold “U.S.S. Commercial” composed by Perry Leopold from Experiment in Metaphysics (1970) on Gear Fab Records

11:09PM Marissa Nadler “Old Love Haunts Me In the Morning” composed by Marissa Nadler from The Saga of Mayflower May (2005) on Eclipse Records —

11:13PM Isengrind “All Tiny Animals” from Golestan (2007), self-released

11:17PM Bermuda Triangle “Dream On” composed by Steven Tyler from Bermuda Triangle (1977) on Winter Solstice Records

11:22PM Erkin Koray “Turku” composed by Erkin Koray from Elektronik Turkuler (1974) on Dogan —

11:30PM Book of AM “The Cauldron Of Regeneration” from Can Am Des Puig - The Book Of AM, Pts. I & II (2006) on Wah-Wah Records Sound

11:33PM Witchcraft “Chlyde of Fire” from Firewood (2008) on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE

11:36PM Paul Giovanni “Fire Leap” composed by Paul Giovanni from The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) (2005) on Silva Screen Records

11:38PM Sarada “The Darkest Path” from Hand/Eye 2CD (2002) on Hand/Eye (

11:43PM Oberon “Nottanum Town” from A Midsummer Night's Dream (1971) on Akarma

11:47PM Stone Angel “Gypsie Laddie-O” from East of the Sun (2000) on Kissing Spell (

11:51PM Arborea “Ides of March” from Arborea (2008) on Fire Museum Records

11:55PM Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood “Journey To the East” composed by Bill Plummer from Cosmic Brotherhood (1968) on Impulse! Records

12:01PM Orhan Gencebay “Gönül Fırtınası” from Musalla Taşı (1970) on Harika Plak

12:06PM Mary-Anne “Love Has Gone” from Me (1970) on President Records Ltd

12:10PM Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour “Epitaph: Angel” from White Faced Lady (1991) on Kaleidoscope Records

12:18PM Vulcan's Hammer “Crazy Man Michael” composed by Traditional from The Two Magicians (2006) on Kissing Spell ( — Recorded in 1973 and 1975, reissued in 2006

12:23PM Corona Borealis “The Pretty Harvestress” from Cantus Paganus (2000) on Well Of Urd

12:26PM Chalot Veronique “Le Bouvier” from A L'entree du Temps Clair (1982) on Unknown

12:34PM Janet and Jak Esim “Tres Klavinas en un Tiesto” from Sephardim Vol 1 (1992) on Global

12:38PM Caterina Bueno “Maria la Stava in Casa” from Canti di Maremma e d'Anarchia (1997) on Avvenimenti

12:42PM McDonald And Giles “Is She Waiting?” composed by Ian McDonald from McDonald And Giles (1971) on Island Records

12:45PM Tyrannosaurus Rex “Aznageel the Mage” composed by Marc Bolan from Prophets, Seers, Sages and The Angels of the Ages (1968) on Universal UK

12:48PM Kontrabando “AROMA” from Cargo (2003) on Libra

12:54PM Bridget St John “Fly High” from Thank You For… (1972) on Cherry Red Records

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