KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 28 Decembre 2010

12:02AM Esther Ofarim “A Taste of Honey” from Esther Ofarim in New York With Bobby Scott & His Orchestra (1965) on Bureau

12:05AM Still Light “A Remedy” from Lything (2009) on Apollolaan Recordings —

12:11AM Various Artists - FM Records “Stafidianos Melody” from The Greek Folk Instruments: Lyra (2005) on FM Records

12:15AM Magnus Pelander “Hope” from Magnus Pelander (2010) on Svart Records (

12:19AM Beggars' Hill “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” from Beggars' Hill (2010) on Talking Elephant ( — Originally released in 1976

12:25AM The Story “Winterborn” from Tale Spin (2006) on Sunbeam Records

12:30AM Haizea “Ura Ixuririk” from Haizea (1976) on Elkar

12:36AM Roger Humphreys “Where The Time Goes” from Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1996) - private release

12:40AM Hungaria “Végállomás” composed by Fenyö Miklós , S. Nagy I. from Well Hung: 20 Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary - Volume 1 (2008) on Finders Keepers Records (

12:45AM Lambert & Nuttycombe “Time” composed by Denis Lambert from At Home (1970) on A&M Records

12:48AM Bob Desper “Time Is Almost Over” from New Sounds (2009) on Discourage Records ( — Originally released in 1974- reissued by Discourage Records (located in Portland, OR)

12:53AM Ithaca “Times” from A Game for All Who Know (1973) - private release

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