KMUN Day of the Velvet Voice playlist 17 August 2010

12:02AM Extradition “A Love Song” from Hush (1971) on P-Vine Records — Album re-released in 2008

12:07AM Bob Theil “Lady” from So Far (1982) on Private RGTL001 (

12:11AM 31st of February “Broken Day” from 31st of February (1969) on Henry Stone Music

2:14AM Colin Hare “Find Me” from March Hare (1971) on Runfast Records ( — Reissued in 2004

12:17AM Mary-Anne “Love Has Gone” from Me (2006) on Sunbeam

12:21AM Witchcraft “Sorrow Evoker” from Firewood (2008) on CANDLELIGHT/TANGLADE

12:27AM Tim Hardin “Lonlieness She Knows” from Suite for Susan Moore and Damion: We Are One, One, All in One (1969) on Columbia

12:27AM Bonnie Dobson “Thyme” from Bonnie Dobson (1969) on Argo

2:31AM Love “A Message to Pretty” from Love (1966) on elektra

12:35AM Bread Love and Dreams “Until She Needs You” from Bread Love and Dreams (1969) on decca

12:39AM Amazing Blondel “The Leaving of the Country Lover” from Blondel (1973) on Island Records — cd reissue in 1996 on Edsel Records

12:44AM Julie Mairs and Chris Stowell “Do You Really Need to Keep on Asking” from Soft Sea Blue (1977) on Harvey Andrews — Reissued on Kissing Spell

12:47AM Ruthann Friedman “Carry On (Glittering Dancer)” from Constant Compassion (1969) on Warner Reprise — Reissued on Water Records

12:50AM Janis Joplin “So Sad to Be Alone” from Janis Joplin Rarities on unofficial release — "So Sad To Be Alone" is a song that Janis wrote and recorded for her friend, Julie Paul. According to the biography "Scars Of Sweet Paradise" (p.67) Janis left a tape of the song to Julie the night she left Austin.

12:55AM Just Others “I Miss You” from Amalgam (1974) on Riverman Music

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